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I think its time I upgrade. I met up with a fellow member today for a frag and saw what LED's did for his tank.... and wow.

What are some decent entry level led systems to buy? The tank it would be going on is a 40g breeder with very few stony corals (hoping to get more) some nems and zoas. Maybe someone has a setup they are looking to sell off? Just trying to figure out what the best route is for me, seeing as everything we're going to run are fairly shallow tanks I would think LEDs would be a good choice. Low heat output, cheaper electricity bill, longer lasting... but the cost for a high end LED system makes my head hurt.

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I've had my eye on some kessils for my 150g I am setting up. Any thoughts on if it is worth it to save up for some kessil a360s or should I look into arctics and save some $$$?

It's a tall tank (30"), what's the penetration of arctics? How many for a 24x48 area? Good for lps? sps?

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