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123 Gallon Custom Cube


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I have never done a build thread before so I thought this would be the perfect time. Most of you don't know me, but I have been in and out of the reef scene for over 15 years. My most recent tank was a 180 gallon All Glass that had been set up for 6 years but it had been over run with Xenia so I wanted to start over. I have always loved cube tanks so I had Wannareef build me a 36"x36"x22" cube using 1/2" thick acrylic with eurobracing and an external almost coast to coast overflow. Here are a couple pictures of the tank with the paper still on the tank.





I have also just re-discovered home brewing after many years of being out of the hobby so I thought this would be a perfect time to combine the two hobbies. I have tied the tank into a 9 foot long bar that will house a keezer (kegerator/freezer) along with several feet of shelving for various bar equipment.







The new cube with showcase my 6 year old Magnifica anemone along with various other corals and fish.




Here is my temporary holding tank that has been housing just a few leftover items from my old tank.




I about 20 pounds of live rock from my old tank that I am going to use along with 50 pounds of dry Marco rock that has been curing for the last several weeks. This rock has been tied into my temporary tank in a 30 gallon Brute trash can.




I will be attempting to light the tank with a single 250 watt Radium powered by a M80 ballast using a large LumenArc reflector. I will be using a Super Reef Octopus 2000 internal protein skimmer and will try dosing two part this time using two Aquahouse dosers from Coralvue. I will be updating this thread as I progress through the build. Thanks for checking it out.

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I used a piece of 3/4" plywood and then a 3/4" piece of pink high density foam from Home Depot. I read a ton of threads about using foam under the tank and there were pros and cons for both sides. James from Envision replied in a couple of posts from several years ago and said that foam is not needed but wouldn't hurt anything.

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I've made a little progress on this project this weekend, mainly on the bar, but I did get some plumbing done and I hung my reflector.






The keezer in its' home.




The sump and the bean animal overflow. I don't have a lot of room to get a good picture of either.






This is the large LumenArc reflector centered over the tank to the best of my ability.




I plan on finishing the plumbing and then leak testing the tank in the next couple of days. If everything goes well, I will be filling with saltwater and transferring everything over from the rubbermaid tub later this week.

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