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Two Part Dosing


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my 180. I dose 1.5 cups sodium bicarb mix (1 and 1/8 cup per gallon mixture) and .5 cup soda ash mixture (i think 2.25 cups per gallon). As well as 1.5 cups calcium mixture (2.5 cups per gallon) everyother day. Running bare bottom with heavy load. This is just to maintain acceptable levels, 8ish dkh and 400ppm calcium. I dont run high levels

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I ised to use soda ash from BRS and dosed 300 ml a day to stay at 8.25 KH



I can't seen to get my CaRx dialed in so I'm dosing about 300ml of Alk a day on top of running Kalk on my ATO. And adjusting Cal and Mag as needed. :(


Trent my Ca Rx runs at about 6+ bubbles per sec and effluent is about 2-3 ml per second to keep my KH @ 8.25


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Wow' date=' everyone doses that little? My 185 gallon drinks about 175ml of alk and cal a day.....am I doing something wrong? I wanna be able to dose 36ml like Smann (scratch)[/quote']


I may be reading the Litermeter wrong, its 00.36 liters I'll have to figure that out


360 ml which is right BRS says 1ml per gallon for SPS system

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