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Cuttlefish's Tank Builds


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I just moved back to Portland after 7 years in Denver. Been here a little less then a month and been getting a few tanks going. My first tank that I brought with me from Denver and is a 50 gallon cube. Big thanks to everybody who has contributed to my builds so far.






Just has live rock in it right now and is still cycling. The rock is Pukani dry rock from Bulk Reef Supply. Totally impressed with it. Nice shapes and sizes. Ordered 50lbs and they sent me 58lbs. This tank is nice and has built in filtration in the rear.


My main display tank is going to be a 48" long, 24" wide, 20" high, 100 gallon tank built by Wanareef. Wanareef did a great job building it and was great to deal with. Could not be happier. Should have it running any day.




I will also have a frag tank connected to the display. It will be 60" long, 30" wide, 16" high. It is being built by Wanareef as well. Should be built in a few weeks.


My Sump is 50" long, 24.5 wide, 16.5" high. It is a beast and will go under the frag tank. I pick it up from reefnjunkie and was built by Wanareef. reefnjunkie was great to deal with and a super nice guy. Cant wait to get some livestock from him. The sump has a lot of bells and whistles.




My stands are being built by pnkrcklives and hopefully are ready soon. Taylor has been great to deal with so far. They will be painted gray steel to match my floors and wall. I am going for a industrial modern look.


Got my Protein Skimmer from jeffisme and is a reef octopus xp-1000sss cone. Hopefully jeffisme sets up another tank someday. Sounded like he had some rough luck. It is probably a little small but will get me started.


Lighting is still to be determined. I have a two ecoray 60d LED fixtures that I will probably use for the sump. I am waiting on ZachS to finish selling his livestock so I can pick up his radion from him. I will probably use on the 50 gallon. The other tanks are still up in the air. Any ideas? Maybe the new Vega's, radions, or the new razors also look nice.


That about where Im at. All advise along the way is very appreciated. Thanks, Jeff






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Looking very nice. I will see if I can get some pictures of your stands tonight. I am hoping to get the rest of the metal work done on Wednesday. Then hopefully paint on Saturday. Sorry for the little bit of delay. As one of my pieces of equipment had to go in for repair. I am hoping to have it tomorrow so I can continue the build.

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Went today and pick up a Ecotech Radion from ZachS(thanks). I was excited the whole drive from Salem to Portland but got home and tried to hook it up and realized the software does not work with mac. Kinda like a kid opening up a christmas present and realizing they cant play with it. It looks like a update might be coming out soon but was wondering if anybody has found a good solution in the meantime. It works great but dont want to run the lights at a 100%. As you can see from the picture mac+radion=no light.



Beside that this has been a quiet week for the build. I got a 55 plastic food drum and have it cycling a 100lbs of live rock.




I have been at this for a few years and if there is one thing that I have learned it would be patience.



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Load up your photo's onto photobucket, it's free and then just point to the pix that you want to load up, a window pops up and it'll be the 4th one down, img code that you want to place onto your post, click on it and then in your post right click and paste the code imgcode.jpgIMGhttp://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f230/wanareef/imgcode.jpg/IMG

and no clicking to see your pixs, I'm lazy that way (whistle)

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Thanks everybody for the comments! (clap)

This week things have been moving along quickly!

My fifty gallon is finished cycling and I added a few frags. I picked up a few zoas two different torch heads from kimberlee, thanks.


My stands got here yesterday, thanks Taylor, and the 100g is being filled. My little 75gpd RO/DI unit makes it a slow go. Started plumbing yesterday and finished this afternoon. My rock has been curing for over a month. It is a mix of BRS pukani and reefsaver. Im hoping that tomorrow everything will be running. I have a panworld pump that is rated for 1900gph but it is way overkill and Im having to valve it way down. The pump will be running my frag tank as well.



I only have one ecotech radion light at the moment but hope to get another one soon. I got a a rail system for it and looks pretty cool.


My sump is under my frag tank stand. My frag tank is still being built but I have everything plumbed and ready to go. The sump will be connected to both the frag tank and the display.


I think my sand will be here today and hope to get it in tonight. (rock2)






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