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March meeting with Matt Pedersen!


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Come join us on March 27th at 1pm for a feature presentation by Matt Pedersen, world renown marine fish breeder! He will be giving two presentations, Marine fish rooms and Marine fish breeding 101.

This is no cost event to paid club members, if you are not a paid club member it is 5.00 per person. Since this is at a secure location you must be at the facility between 12 and 1:30, then the gate will be closed. The gate will be open again once the meeting is over. Hope to see you all there!


US Coast Guard

Marine Safety Unit

6767 N. Basin Ave

Portland, OR 97217


We are located on Swan Island all the way at the end of North Basin Ave on the left.

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I have a question. Do you know how long the meeting will last? Since it's a secured faculty will we be able to leave early for those of us that may not be able to make both talks?(time constraints)


Yes you will be able to leave early if you need to. It's an auto gate for leaving just not coming on. I'll have it open so everyone can just pull out when the meeting is over.

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As another surprise for this meeting will be the attendance of Randy Reed from Reed Mariculture. He will be delivering their donations in person and will be in attendance for the presentation. I am sure there will be some time for those that would like to talk with Randy while he is here :) This is a must attend event. It is very rare to get two people with this much impact on the industry in one room for the afternoon. Matt is probably one of the most knowledgeable people in the fish breeding hobby and Randy is one of the owners of the Reef Nutrition line of products and one of the largest marine aquaculture product companies in the world!

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You guys gotta get this on your calendar LOL - I went there looking for it and couldn't find it ;) No homepage annoucement? ;)


This is great, Randy Reed...I just spent time with him in Dallas and I get to see him again already!!! WONDERFUL!


We are spreading the word to other clubs around us.

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