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Hello, my name is Bill, and I'm a reefaholic. New to this website, but have been in the hobby for 12 years or so. Thought it would be fun to mingle with like minded people, since most of my friends don't go beyond "wow, pretty" when they look at my tank.

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OK, pictures and info


I solved the phone/pc sync issue and finally got my pictures! I've got a heavily loaded 60G with lots of zoos, softies, some LPS, and lots of fish. Running (3) VHO's, Aquamaxx 150 skimmer, and getting ready to start 2 part calcium (with BRS bulk buy!).






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Welcome to the forum. We have monthly meetings at members homes. Look out for posts about them and get signed up to receive email invites. The wow pretty comment is a lot better than when my father in law commented on the green grassy looking stuff that waves around on that rock. I cant believe someone commented hair algae. I just pretended that it was supposed to be there.

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