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  1. There is an excellent guide called Everything you ever wanted to know about Ca reactors. I suggest reading it. There is 1 more that's just as good or better il find the link.
  2. I have 2 Hanns photometers one ALK and the 2nd is the Low Range PO4 (ppm) . They've both been taken good care of no scratches on vials, etc. some extras for each. $35.00ea. Thank you Harold B
  3. Like I mentioned Live Rock For Sale, I'd imaging I have 250-300lbs. 4.00 per cherry picked lb or OBO. Thanks Harold B
  4. BRS 1.1 ml per min dosing pump, great condition, New they're $79.99 so $45.00 seems fair considering its condition. I bought it from Emerald 25 and IIRC she barely used it, I didn't at all. Thanks Harold B
  5. Wierd, I'm unable to copy and paste pic links from photo bucket either. Just so I'll know I'm doing the right thing I tap the envelope up by my name and delete messages , correct?
  6. I'm sorry I don't see any new PM's. It may have been full however I've since deleted many old conversations. Thank you for your interest. PM me again if you can. Thanks Harold B
  7. Darn, I made plenty of room. Sorry let me erase some more.
  8. I have 3 MP-40 ES's for sale, $200 ea. OBO (Lots of extras) Thank you Harold B
  9. Hardly used and in like new condition, $175 OBO Thank you Harold B
  10. For Sale: 2 3/4" Sea Swirls in good working condition, stickers still on'em & several different types of male/female end connectors so what ever you need is the connectors that will come with them. $75 OBO (within reason). Thank you Harold B
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