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REEF Garage Sale


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Putting up whats left one more time, prices reduced

Send a PM if if interested in any item





PFO VHO sockets, cords 4 sets 10.00 ea

PFO VHO 2 light ballast switch boxes, NO WH5 ballast 10.00ea

All for 25.00









72” VHO 1-Aqua sun, 3 Super actinic NEW 15.00ea

These are NEW bulbs!! 10.00 ea!


Calcium Reactor works great for a smaller tank!! 60.00


great calcium reactor for up to 125g 50.00



Regulator 35.00

how about 25.00!!



Misc pumps 15.00ea

!0.00 ea they work!! The two black ones left



Sure grip magnets 10.00ea have some maxi parts

Great for frag racks or ? 5.00ea! 30.00 new One Left





Fan 4” 15.00




Hanna Ph pen 30.00




¾” Gate valves threaded 8.00ea

5.00 ea!


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I'll take the two korilias...


The Korillas are gone Thanks


I'll take the chiller controller' date=' a sunblaze t5 and the Natural wave maker!![/quote']


Come get 'em


I'll take one of the misc pumps (the one blue one on the far left of the pix) Do you know what model it it?

Misc pumps 15.00ea #3347


And do you know the wattage of the heaters?


The blue one is gone, two 300's one 200

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Thanks Steve for the pump , aquacontroller and reflectors! Sorry we got confused about the pump price (laugh) We were not trying to rip you off!(whistle)


Very very nice tank and setup!(clap) Beautiful!(drooler)



Your welcome and Thanks for coming by, did you figure out Ph on the Aqua?

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