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    all sold!
  2. Manny, I recognize your profile picture from a Facebook car group. Seems like there is a strong correlation between car guys and fish guys. Cool to see you on here too. And Happy Birthday Jeff. Your shop always impresses me.
  3. Recently bought this from another member on here and ended up with a smaller tank for my office. This one is up for grabs for what I paid for it $40. Tank with two return pumps. No lid, light or stand. All are available still from prior seller on here (coyote). Feel free to shoot me a text 503-713-8708 if you are interested.
  4. I have a 28 gallon Nanocube with return pumps. No lid/light or stand (they are for sale in the classified section). Just trying to get what I paid for it $40. I ended up just getting a smaller tank so I have no use for this one. Located in Beaverton
  5. To all interested, I ended up not needing the tank for my project. If you want the complete setup, you can buy the lid and stand here and I’ll sell the tank for what I bought it for $40.
  6. There is one on Craigslist right now for $125. Portland craigslist - item is in cedar mills
  7. Bump! Willing to negotiate
  8. For sale are two lights 1. 150 watt biocube metal halide. Has mounting hooks on the top for ceiling mounting. Missing 1 of the small cooling fans, but otherwise it’s in good condition. Comes with two newer bulbs. Looking for $60 or best offer. 2. 24-36” Current USA orbit led light with remote. Tons of different programmable settings and modes. Looking for $80 or best offer.
  9. Looking to see if anyone was selling a complete nano aquarium before I do some shopping for some new equipment. Let me know what you have!
  10. I have a pair of white Astro a40s with a mix amp for sale along with an original xbox 360. Both are in perfect working order. The Astros are a top of the line headset that I paid $280 shipped for a few months ago. I have all of the original packaging and cords. It also comes with a semi hard full case to carry it. Looking to get $220 obo Second is my xbox 360. It has all the cords, a 20 gb hard drive and 2 controllers. Looking to get $120 obo Not on these forums very much because I sold my tank so the best way to get ahold of me is at 503 713 8708 thanks
  11. $45 For both! Or if you buy separate $25 for the refractometer and $25 for the light!
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