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Peninsula Tank Photos...


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Think in 3D man, that's all I can say. Maybe map it out from the top first and make some connections with rocks, then go up a layer and make some more connections, and do it one last time. That way you have multiple bridge/cave/tunnels in there and varying light levels all over. This is the plan with mine at least...


On second thought don't do that, that's my idea!!!

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Ok who did not understand Franks post? He wants pics of Peninsula style tanks. That means the 2 long sides are clear and only one short side has the overflow. R3 post a few of yours as I know you have one. Frank will get you a link to one that is sweet but also spendy(laugh)



Frank check out this link it is one sweet Elos tank. http://www.reeffrontiers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34153&highlight=bricky You can also check out the Elos forums on Reefcentral as alot of them set them up in a peninsula style.

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Hey Frank , I am setting up the same thing Brandon has been helping me with all the plumbing.. Thank God for Snowpunk !!

He also drilled successful holes in my new glass tank...

Anyway it will be a challenge but a fun one to do the rock work, I was debating a rock arch way of sorts but dang that floating reef is Awesome.. May have to rethink my plan.

I will start a thread soon I have been taking pictures from the start..

Good Luck with yours I would love to come by and see it some time..


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I'm going to try and do that in my new tank, thanks for showing me that pic lol. I think 2 islands, one with sps and one with softies, would be awesome, have acros and montis on one side and zoas and shrooms and rics on the other with a large dragon soul favia in the middle, maybe try and find a bridging rock to connect the 2 and cover it with some kinda coral LOL

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i like a med profile height with some caves and curve. its actually a u shape. lower profile on the right side and higher on the left. there are many cut thru openings where fish can hide and such, along with almost as much open space behind as in front. you just cant really tell. i will probably take some rock out as its growing pretty quick now, i still like it a little lower profile. 200 gallon dd. sorry the picture color is off my camera is my phone today, and im not a photo shopper but my colors are much brighter in person.


my tank is 4 long 3 deep 27 tall, not peninsula but i do enjoy viewing all 3 sides. a dude named bricky on r.c. has a pretty sick one. he is based out of seattle and has some ties to the barrier reef "store". look it up, the build is worth it.




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Do some searching on RC Frank. There is a lot on there. Here are some old pics. I have moved some rocks around and still am not set in stone. I will update soon :)


Most of these pics are way before I had corals and stuff. Not really the greatest representation. Im gonna go with two island type rocks pretty soon



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