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Grassi's Ricordeum


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Since I started my 65g this summer I wanted to add a prop-tank. A few days ago I got a nice shallow acrylic tank from MR S and here we go.


The tank will be a propagation tank for all our ricordea florida, ricordea yuma and zoas. Maybe a St Thomas shroom or two (naughty) Growing ricordeas in a display tank is kinda impossible: you keep loosing the new frags and they end up in the mouth of some other coral..


So this is the "ricordeum". (clap)

I spent some time cleaning, reparing, and buffing the tank. Today I built the stand, or at least the frame and some of the external panels. I also prepared the plumbing to be glued (later tonight). I think I will have it running tomorrow morning.


The ricordeum is attached to our 65g display, feed by gravity. A simple solution that Frank suggested to me. The filtration will be the same of the 65, so I don't even need to cycle the new tank...


Here some pics:




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Roy, Jamie is lucky we don't have a swimming pool!


As lights I'm gonna run a 14k MH. I already used this setup and it was great.

Flow will be moderate. Other than the return, I will use some spare koralia Nano to have many sources of gentle flow

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One of the four is not running right now ;-)

The limit is the size per single tank. With a 65 you can't have some of the beautiful fish you have in your 400..

I'm not saying that I want a 400 tank, but a 180 with the right sizes will be perfect.


The grow out is 9 inches tall and it sits 3'' under the top of the display bh and 5'' on top of the sump. So I have enough room for gravity feed from the top of display.

The bottom of the prop-tank is higher than the bottom of the display, but that doesn't matter.

Problem is that with a 3/4 bulkhead and 3'' of gap the flow was very slow.

So I connected the main return pump to feed the prop-tank and it works the way I want.

Now I just have to buy a couple of check valves for the 2 display tank bulkheads, so they don't gravity feed the prop-tank and from there the sump overflowing it when the power is off.

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I'm building the racks for them. I still have some 400 dremel cuts to do...

I'm building 2 units that can hold 200 ricordias plus a little one for the "nursery" :-)

At now the ricordias are in the other tanks. Just fragged a few days ago and some new pieces will be here soon.

Yes, that's the fish need it. I got one year ago and I love it, especially with a good bulb.

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Yes they are. I like the look of mine. It's a 150w. The reflector is small and the material is poor, but with a nice phoenix it looks great. I had nice growing rates before. Somebody wrote they were catching on fire, but that was before they switch to the new ballasts.

I use to have a double 175w, from the other brand they distribute (odyssea), but I didn't like it. The fish need it is similar, as design, to the Aqua Medic Spacelight. It is also modular: I like the idea to add a second MH unit and 2 t5 for connecting the pendants.

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I finally got some black eggcrate and I'm preparing the ricordea rack.

I changed the plumbing of the frag tank a little so now I can run the ricordea frag tank independently from the display tank, when it is needed. This is very useful when fragging ricordeas because they release lot of muchus which is very dangerous to the other corals.

So after fragging I can run the frag tank alone and add iodine; then I can connect it again to the display and to the main filtration system.

The frag racks will be able to hold about 300 ricordeas and there will be a nursery able to hold the new mushrooms in place until they attach.

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Most of the time the only way is to let them attach spontaneously. It could take a few weeks if you do it well and you are lucky.

In a display tank with powerheads and other corals it's always a bet. That's why we decided to go with the frag tank.

That's why ricordeas are still somehow expensive compared to other corals :-(

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