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January Meeting Thank You!

Ron Popeil

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To everyone that was able to make it out to the meeting today, THANK YOU!


This was the first monthly club meeting I have ever been able to attend and I had such a great time. So nice to meet and talk with the many people of this great forum.


And for those that brought frags, I sincerely appreciated the very kind consideration!


Hope to see you all again soon!



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Thank you bunches!!


I would of posted earlier but been slightly busy having to do a water change because my calerpra? doing the nasty on me. Soon as my refugium lights came on, about 5:30 pm, my main tank, sump and refugium got super cloudy. I heard ages ago that this could happen but forgot all about it when I got some free calerpa from Woody. I ended up taking all of it out. Started making RO water and today I did a water change. Even though it cleared up over night, I thought what the heck, and did a water change anyway.


Anyways, thanks so much for hosting the party. The little sausage wraps were yummy.


Also I just loved your rockwork, very pleasing to the eye!



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Great meeting, thanks for the advice on treating for the AEFW. I tried dipping the coral in Potassium Permanganate and the AEFW didn't like it at all. Coral didn't seem to mind the dip but I only did a low dosage as an experiment. I'm probably going to increase the dosage next time around to see what the coral can handle.

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