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Divorce Sale, get this stuff out of here!


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EDIT AGAIN As of May 26th.



-Hawaiian Fire Clown pair $40

-Long Spine Urchin $10

-40-50lbs of established live rock, random zoas and mushrooms. $3/lb



-55g AGA sump with Baffles and two chambers - $50

-Octopus 3000 Recirc Skimmer. New shafts and needle wheels. (450g rated I believe) $225 -400w single bulb MH retrofit kit with large parabolic reflectors. 2@$75

-400w single bulb MH ballast only $35

-250w Duel Bulb MH with quick connects and parabolic reflectors. $150

-VHO, Single Ballast runs 4x 4' bulbs, waterproof endcaps and brand new wiring. $125.

-125g AGA reef ready PENINSULA (the overflow is on the narrow end) with well built DIY stand and hood. $150.

-Current Sundial 24" 4x T-5 fixture with moonlights, $175

-Phosban Reactor, 2@ $10


Like I said, everything is negotiable, bulk sales even more so. I barely ever check this so 503-201-9031. In NE Portland (112th/Burnside). Very busy so if you want something and will actualy buy it please call.

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Hey all, I was one of the last ones there and almost everything was gone except for some live rock, the two clown fish, urchin, equipment and the tank.

Hope that helps


Yup I called today and that is exactly what he told me too :-) GOODIES dont last long (clap)

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