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  1. Wow, that trident system is pretty cool! Love that graph. I think I will have to increase dosings during photo period, instead of distributing it evenly throughout the whole day.
  2. Yeah, might just hold out and save to go Apex. I hate loosing livestock and it gets pricey fast. I need to go the bulletproof route. I noticed today some burnt tips on my acropora. Checked alkalinity and from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I have a half a DKH drop. I increased the dosing frequency and quantity. Alkalinity stays pretty constant during the night. I’m assuming this is due to the fact that there isn’t any photosynthesis happening at night?
  3. Sounds cool! I’ve never built a control system from scratch!
  4. Thanx, the reef pi system looks cool! I love DIY. Might be fun to give it a try
  5. Hi, in an effort to maintain the highest water quality possible, I would like to add a control system to my SPS dominant system. However, I am suffering from sticker shock from the APEX system cost. Is there another more budget friendly system that is reliable?I do HVAC controls for a living. So, I am not a big fan of web based controls. Second question, I recently increased the flow in my aquarium considerably. I’m running two ice cap gyres 3k each in random mode on each side of the tank. My tank is a five foot long 100 gallon system. I also increased the the return pump size to flow about 1600 gallons per hour. I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks many of my acropora have lightened in color considerably with less polyp extension. Nutrients, alkalinity and light are all the same as they’ve been for quite sometime. I have positioned the gyres and return lines to not directly hit any coral with flow. Any ideas why that might be? Thanx for the help! Pete
  6. I used Vibrant to eradicate the bubble algae in my tank. It did work. However, I had a major Dino bloom afterwards. Personally, I’d much rather fight algae then dinoflagellates! I have a emerald crab that eats it. Also heard that magnificent rabbit fish will eat it. Although, I have not personally experienced this.
  7. Share the pods!!! BTW phytopheast is awesome!
  8. I’ll have to stop by and check your new store out, Reefbox!
  9. I saw a really cool. Very red Christmas wrasse today. Might have to go that direction, instead
  10. Thanx for the suggestions! I was thinking of trueing a pair of melanurus wrasse! Seem pretty cool and are supposed to be pretty easy going. I guess we will see! Thanx again
  11. Hi, looking to add a pair of utility wrasse to my tank. Any recommendations? Just have blue/green Chromis in there now. 100 gallon 5’ long tank size thanx
  12. I don’t trust the Hannah phosphate checker either. It requires that you get 100% of the reagent powder out of the pouch. I think this is hard to impossible. However, I have a hard time distinguishing the different shades of red with the salifert nitrate rest. I don’t seem to have nearly the issues with the blue from the phosphate test, so that’s what I have been doing.
  13. Hi, I was doing my weekly water testing last night and noticed that my nitrates are high. Somewhere, between 25 and 50 ppm. It’s been somewhere around 25 ppm for about a month. I have read that high nitrates will cause acropora to “brown out”. Yet, I have approximately 25 different acropora frags and I don’t see any browning. In fact, since the nutrient levels have been higher the color and growth seem better? I’m starting to wonder if higher levels of nitrate are such a bad thing? P.S. I keep phosphate levels low, definitely see unhappy coral and algae growth when they creep up! Anyone else see the same thing?
  14. I’d be interested if It didn’t work out with reefbox
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