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  1. I was using Acropower. I noticed that the LPS seemed more extended and “fuller”. Same with zoanthids. Also noticed that my algae growth increased considerably. Also had a recent dyno bloom. I can’t say that the dyno bloom was due to the amino acids, but I do think that it contributed. I have since discontinued the use of acropower. I’ve been feeding reef foods, mysis and R.O.E. This has been enough to keep my nitrates and phosphates at acceptable levels. Everything seems to be doing fine. I read that many fish foods contain amino acids and the uneaten foods break down and provide the tank with an ample supply. Maybe just really low nutrient tanks need amino acid supplementation? Just my 2 cents, Pete
  2. Interested in green acropora. Looks like maybe red planet? Available to pick up today if you have the time
  3. Hi I was reading a article from vivid aquarium stating that they used bread yeast to kill Dino algae’s. Anyone tried this? Thanx
  4. The picture is not the best. But it’s a rusty red color. The tips are white/blue with dark red polyps
  5. Hi, I was curious if anyone could tell me what kind of Acropora this is? Thanks
  6. I think maybe a race is in order. We will start at a local fish store each car has to carry four saltwater jugs, full. We will run to an agreed spot. Water jugs spilled ends in disqualification. First one back wins!!! Lol, in Portland it wouldn’t be the fastest car that wins but the person who navigates the traffic best! JK be fun though!
  7. Very nice! I had a 1967 camaro as well, I recently sold. Would like to do a 1967-69 dart. That way I can say I’ve had one muscle car from the big three! Is your 1969 a small block?
  8. I have a 1966 mustang, I’ve had since I was 16. Was my first car. I’ve been working on it for the last 2-3 years, after it sat for quite some time. I converted it from a straight six car to a small block v8. Anyone else play with old cars?
  9. I’ve been wanting a frag of the Tierra Del Fuego. Haven’t seen any available yet! I think the fastest growing acro I have so far is the RMF Superman stag. It’s encrusting the putty really quickly! I’ve been reading that many acros encrust first then start to grow vertically/horizontally?
  10. All my corals seem happy for the most part. I added two hydro 850 gph about two week ago. They’re blowing at each other, full blast ,but shut off at night. I will say the plating montipora I have seem to have taken off in growth. I made several hopefully positive changes recently so I can’t say it’s just that. I’ve heard people say that corals need to be hit with flow from all sides. I have that happening. Some people say that the variable flow is not necessary but the corals will grow in odd configurations. I ordered some dc VFS JEBAO for now. I’m curious if it will improve coral health/growth. Guess we will see
  11. Thanx!!! This hobby is really addicting. Very enjoyable though! Look forward to watching things grow!
  12. Well here’s some pics of my reef. All I can say is that it’s a start. Recently started getting into Acropora after seeing the display tank at premium aquatics. Most of the stuff I have is still frags, but hey you gotta start somewhere!
  13. I’ll have to look into those. Thanx
  14. Hi, had a question for the group. I’ve just recently been bit by the Acropora bug. I’ve been researching their care and keep seeing variable high flow listed as a requirement. I have a 75 gallon 5’ long display tank. On each side I have two 850 GPH powerheads for a total of four for the entire aquarium. During the day all four run full blast. At night, just one from each side run. I have them pointed, so that the streams intersect and create a intersecting randomized flow. Is this sufficient? Are variable speed powerheads really necessary? They’re expensive, so if I can get away without them that’d be nice. Acropora, I currently have seem healthy and are starting to encrust, so I assume it’s good enough. Thanx for the help!
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