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  1. I used Vibrant to eradicate the bubble algae in my tank. It did work. However, I had a major Dino bloom afterwards. Personally, I’d much rather fight algae then dinoflagellates! I have a emerald crab that eats it. Also heard that magnificent rabbit fish will eat it. Although, I have not personally experienced this.
  2. Share the pods!!! BTW phytopheast is awesome!
  3. I’ll have to stop by and check your new store out, Reefbox!
  4. I saw a really cool. Very red Christmas wrasse today. Might have to go that direction, instead
  5. Thanx for the suggestions! I was thinking of trueing a pair of melanurus wrasse! Seem pretty cool and are supposed to be pretty easy going. I guess we will see! Thanx again
  6. Hi, looking to add a pair of utility wrasse to my tank. Any recommendations? Just have blue/green Chromis in there now. 100 gallon 5’ long tank size thanx
  7. I don’t trust the Hannah phosphate checker either. It requires that you get 100% of the reagent powder out of the pouch. I think this is hard to impossible. However, I have a hard time distinguishing the different shades of red with the salifert nitrate rest. I don’t seem to have nearly the issues with the blue from the phosphate test, so that’s what I have been doing.
  8. Hi, I was doing my weekly water testing last night and noticed that my nitrates are high. Somewhere, between 25 and 50 ppm. It’s been somewhere around 25 ppm for about a month. I have read that high nitrates will cause acropora to “brown out”. Yet, I have approximately 25 different acropora frags and I don’t see any browning. In fact, since the nutrient levels have been higher the color and growth seem better? I’m starting to wonder if higher levels of nitrate are such a bad thing? P.S. I keep phosphate levels low, definitely see unhappy coral and algae growth when they creep up! Anyone else see the same thing?
  9. I’d be interested if It didn’t work out with reefbox
  10. Seahorse in Portland has some. I just picked up a few, yesterday
  11. Burningball, at first I did just run the UV light. While I did almost immediately see a difference. It was slow. Everything I read at the time said a slow flow was the most effective for killing Dino’s. So that’s what I did. I did some more research on phytoplankton and started adding a little bit everyday. The rate the Dino’s died back increased a lot. But I have wondered if I’m a way this is a waste. I’d imagine the UV kills a good percentage of the phytoplankton added. Also added some copepods. I read that this can help increase biodiversity as well. Might try increasing the UV flow and see how it goes. Thanx for the advice, everyone
  12. Hi, I guess I just mostly want to vent to some of those who may understand. About three months ago I had a major Dino bloom after running Vibrant to eradicate some minor turf algae. Vibrant definitely did kill the turf algae but then the Dino’s started taking over. I did a three day blackout and increased nutrient levels. This was very effective but only helped short term. About a month later the Dino were back. Round two, I tried using Dino x accord to manufacturers recommendations. Didn’t do [language filter]! I also dialed back the light cycle to 4-6 hours a day. Round three, I’ve been running a 35 watt jebao UV light with really slow flow and dosing Live Phyto plankton. This seems to have helped a lot! Killed it way back! But not completely eradicated it. I’ve kept my nutrient level higher then I would normally and haven’t done any water changes in months. I lost a lot of my SPS frags going rounds with this [language filter]. I still feel like this is the monster under the bed just waiting for the right conditions to come out. I don’t really want to start over and it seems kind of pointless since dinos are a natural occurring thing that’s in most aquariums. Just need to out compete it?
  13. I ca TIG up some aluminum for you, if you need
  14. I have used herbtana. I had some clowns get what I thought was ich at the time. Later identification led me to believe it was brooklynella. Herbtana did nothing for this problem, but it’s not supposed too. I noticed that it smelt a lot like pinesol. When I would add it it my zoas and toadstools would close up. They opened back up a few hours later. Also, my skimmer would go nuts, if left on. I’m not the most experienced person on this forum by a long shot, but I think the most tried and true method for curing disease is a Q.C. Tank. Most of the the most effective medications are not reed safe. Just my opinion, Pete
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