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  1. I have treated my entire system with phosphate RX a bunch of times. I have never had anything in my tank respond badly. However, I do it in steps! Everything slow in reefing! Just saying I don’t think you need to just treat the sump.
  2. First of all thanks for the replys. My tank total water volume is about 100 gallons. Suncrest reef, I noticed something very similar to what you stated about alkalinity consumption During the photo period. I dose way more during the day then at night. Unfortunately, I have not employed a apex system yet. Would like to in the future. I’m sure that this is a way more accurate way to control additives. For now, I’m stuck with the old manual test and adjust. Albertareef, I am interested to see how the microbial balance effects the nutritional balance of our systems. Thanx again, Pete
  3. Hi reefing community, My tank is about a year and a half old now. In that time I have learned a lot and spent a lot of money! Something I have struggled with, is long term stability. I can keep the big three(alkalinity, calcium, magnesium) really steady for 3 to 6 months. But, inadvertently something gets messed up. I test alkalinity every other day and calcium, magnesium, phosphate and nitrate weekly. Adjustments are made periodically to keep things even as possible. Water changes are done every other week to the tume of about 10%. I’ve put in a lot of effort to keep my alkalinity steady. I think it is within a 1/4 of a point DKH at all times. Every month or so I test alkalinity every two hours for a 24 hour period to try to detect any swings. Any tips on achieving rock solid elements long term? Just sucks when things get messed up. Almost always results in Acropora death! Thanx Pete
  4. Hi, about a year and a half ago, I replaced a bunch of the LEDs in my mars aqua. I tried to match the LED layout of the SB reef lights. I noticed the other day that many of the UV spectrum diodes have blackened the lense. I also noticed that sbreef lights claims they use a different lense for their UV diodes that is supposed to last longer. Anyone have much experience with the board retro fit kits? I am also considering just getting an entirely new lights. I think the ones I have are likely 5+ years old. Not sure how long the drivers are good for. Just noticed YouTube has a bunch of negative reviews of the sbreeflights failing after about a year and it taking several months to get a replacement. Anyone have experience with this? I would like to use sbreeflights products since I have had great results using their spectrum. Plus, I feel I kind of owe them since I did copy their spectrum. Thanx Pete
  5. I just built mine out of egg crate. Cheap and easy
  6. Thanx Brian, I’ll throw some new rocks in there too
  7. Might go get a rabbit fish, wanted one anyways. Hate to not QC him, though
  8. Hi had a question for the group. I have had a single yellow eye Kole tang in my 120 display tank for about six months. He has been the only tang in there and has been a model citizen. Yesterday, I added a yellow tang and a hippo tang to the display tank. I fully expected there to be some chasing, nipping and maybe some tail swipe action. However, this guy has been taking it to another level! He backs the yellow tang into a corner and just proceeds to beat the snot out of him! The yellow tang is a little smaller then the Kole tang but not much. The hippo tang found some rocks to hide in and seems to have avoided the beatings thus far. But man, the yellow is taking a beating. I thought Kole tangs were considered to be one of the less aggressive species of tang? Going to try the mirror trick tonite. Any other suggestions? I have too many delicate corals to move rocks around. That was the other suggestion I read about .
  9. Wow, that trident system is pretty cool! Love that graph. I think I will have to increase dosings during photo period, instead of distributing it evenly throughout the whole day.
  10. Yeah, might just hold out and save to go Apex. I hate loosing livestock and it gets pricey fast. I need to go the bulletproof route. I noticed today some burnt tips on my acropora. Checked alkalinity and from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I have a half a DKH drop. I increased the dosing frequency and quantity. Alkalinity stays pretty constant during the night. I’m assuming this is due to the fact that there isn’t any photosynthesis happening at night?
  11. Sounds cool! I’ve never built a control system from scratch!
  12. Thanx, the reef pi system looks cool! I love DIY. Might be fun to give it a try
  13. Hi, in an effort to maintain the highest water quality possible, I would like to add a control system to my SPS dominant system. However, I am suffering from sticker shock from the APEX system cost. Is there another more budget friendly system that is reliable?I do HVAC controls for a living. So, I am not a big fan of web based controls. Second question, I recently increased the flow in my aquarium considerably. I’m running two ice cap gyres 3k each in random mode on each side of the tank. My tank is a five foot long 100 gallon system. I also increased the the return pump size to flow about 1600 gallons per hour. I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks many of my acropora have lightened in color considerably with less polyp extension. Nutrients, alkalinity and light are all the same as they’ve been for quite sometime. I have positioned the gyres and return lines to not directly hit any coral with flow. Any ideas why that might be? Thanx for the help! Pete
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