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  1. Thanks for the great deals! The coral selection is always impressive.
  2. Thanks J-Dog. The coral looks great and your tanks are amazing. Great person to deal with!
  3. If and when you’re ready. I can donate some soft corals and zoas. sorry for the tank loss.
  4. Thanks for the info, I will check out there website.
  5. Trying to find Florida Ricordia mushrooms. Looking for yellow, blue, and green or multi color. Let me know if you have any, Thanks
  6. As the title states. I have a few frags of Devil hand (3 to 5 inches piece) and German blue Montipora ( frags to Mini colonies). Im in Portland. Can meet near Upscales, CNC, or Seahorse.
  7. Thanks again for the coral Gumby! Your tank was amazing and corals looked so healthy. Was fun picking frags and talking about corals/reef stuff.
  8. Not sure how your pump and skimmer is configured. Mine is the older style and uses a slip output adapter to attach to the skimmer. My new pump came with a threaded adapter, so twisted off the old slip adapter on the old Bubble blaster and attached it to the new pump. https://www.coralvue.com/bubble-blaster-pump-output-adapter https://www.coralvue.com/varios-4s-controllable-skimmer-pump
  9. I run a bubble blaster 5000. Mine ran for 7 or so years and just stopped. Coralvue told me its the digital circuit board that probably went out and that it would be cheaper to buy a new one rather than trying to send it in for repair. My new BB 5000 has been running for 3 years now. Im thinking of buying another pump as a spare. Coralvue says a VarioS-S6 can be used with a SRO XP5000-int. VarioS-S4 can be used for SRO XP3000-int. Varios is more expensive than a Bubble blaster but is controllable. In my opinion, a new varios pump on a XP skimmer would be just as good as a new skimmer but cheaper than buying new.
  10. Never tried them, so don't know how well they work. https://vividcreativeaquatics.com/shop/alv-ai-visor-prime-led-light-shaping-visors/
  11. Last auction was great! So yes, Im in for another one.
  12. Ill take: 3/4" Unknown wild acropora from Cuttlefish -- Dark purple with bright green new growth WWC yellow tip
  13. If anything is left, Id be interested in a 1/2 inch sea swirl. Thanks
  14. Hi, Just moved back to the area. Sorry if Im posting in the wrong area. I don't have a PayPal account. Going to try to make this meeting. Can I pay for membership in person? Thanks
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