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  1. Thanks BabelFish I have both a sander that uses the clip in approach and a sander with the velco pads. I was planning on taking the advice above and going with the one with the clip in paper and light pressure. I can't wait to see it either
  2. Thanks so much for that information! I am going to try it next week. I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Thanks. That sounds like some solid advice.
  4. Thanks guys I will do a close check for some crazin. It is my old tank that I have not used in at least 7 years. Overall it sounds possible if I sand it by hand until I hear the angels
  5. Hi I am getting back into the hobby and I have a 140 gallon acrylic aquarium with the usual scratches. Does anyone have any experience with buffing a large aquarium? Am I crazy to think I can buff 72" by 24" and not just make it worse? Would I be looking at 5 or 15 hours of punishing labor or worse? If anyone has any horror stories I would love to hear them. If you think it is not all that hard I would love to hear that as well. If there is someone in town that does this kind of thing for money I might be interested as well. Thanks