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  1. I took him up on the offer and I got a GREAT deal. I drove all the way from Portland and I would do it again.
  2. freddyk

    Bali Green Slimer

    PM sent
  3. Text sent and fingers crossed.
  4. freddyk

    Another DIY Calcium Reactor

    Very nice!
  5. freddyk

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    Nice! It is amazing how far the looks of skimmers have come. Someone in the porta potty industry should take note.
  6. freddyk


    Welcome. I love games and movies as well but I gave up books when I discovered reef forums
  7. freddyk

    Found fish fry in filter sock.

    Wow. I am super curious what your new inhabitant is. Hopefully it is a new beast of a fish that is easy to bread and lives off of algae, diatoms, aiptasia and helps tangs coexist
  8. freddyk

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    I just visited this tank today and it is amazing.
  9. freddyk

    WTS: Purple Tip Frogspawn

    PM Sent
  10. freddyk


    Your tank is very inspirational. I am so glad I ran across this thread.
  11. freddyk

    Amphipod Breeding Tank

    After a few weeks I have come to the conclusion that nano amphipod tanks have a lot in common with other minimalist zen undertakings such as a small pot of gravel on a desk and a mini rake or a pet rock. Most of the time there simply is not much to see. With that said my master plan is working. I have more amphipods now than when I started. Due to their elusive nature they prove hard to count but I am confident that they are multiplying. Some of them are quite huge. Here is a picture of a large one we will call Okja. Overall the activity is picking up and I have been able to shake quite a few amphipods out into my display tank and a tub of rock I am prepping for a larger tank. Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kva1FKcEnKgDSVlg1PbVRltywxjZ6QMN/view?usp=sharing
  12. freddyk

    Jeffs Rainbow Zoas

    Wow!! I started with 4 and still have 4. They look great and maybe there is one on the way but it might be wishful thinking. My tank is very young so I don't have much to go on but your 11 heads just gave me a complex. I had better spend the next 4 hours online trying to figure out what I am doing wrong
  13. freddyk

    Green blue polyp monti cap

    That is a kind offer for real. I would love to have a chunk.
  14. freddyk

    asterinas star

    Are you going to try to avoid having them in your next tank or are you just reducing the numbers?
  15. freddyk

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    An empty electrical socket next to a reef tank? This must be photoshop.