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  1. I can't believe I missed this. And this month had been going so well – Ha Ha
  2. I have two of these and they are model citizens and all I have is small fish and one yellow tang. The only thing they attack is my arm. Sometimes it is really jarring. They are totally awesome otherwise. Love those little F***kers.
  3. Their coral section is minimal and over priced but I have had a lot of luck with the livestock and they often have a great selection.
  4. Operation Rasta snag was a success - Thanks Holly!
  5. Sweet! Any chance of some Rasta Zoas being in the mix?
  6. I am not sure if he can help with raw acrylic but James at http://www.envisionacrylics.com/ built my aquarium and he must have crazy solid acrylic connections. I can't wait to see what you are building
  7. Cool location. Reminds me I need to support Seahorse. The only thing in my current tank that I held over from my 2008 tank was the hundreds of pounds of beautiful live rock that Woody sold me. Some really epic specimens for sure. Woody helped give me this addiction that has proven difficult to shake. Can't say I would ever risk actual live rock ever again. On top of the ecological issues the darnedest things come along for the ride. Letting it sit in the sun for 8 years really does the trick though. None of the aiptasia survived.
  8. @SuncrestReefThanks for the info. I might modify my plan. I will probably come to the meeting. I would like to hear the angels singing when you open the cabinet under your tank
  9. @SuncrestReef Wow I am so busted. That is the return to the tank so that I can pump fresh water to the ATO reservoir or salt water to the tank. Problem is that the 1/4 inch tubing is WAY to small and it essentially does not work. I need to get some wider diameter tubing and the perfect adapter to make it work correctly. Somehow I find the time to carry buckets but I can't get around to a Home Depot run to do it right. Sigh... Once I get around to that I will be king of the world at least until I decide I need auto water changes with the Neptune DOS.
  10. I heart my mixing station. Two 50 gallon rectangular tanks actually fit in the only space I had available in my over stuffed and under sized house. I don't have any automation yet but they have really helped me stay on top of maintenance.
  11. freddyk

    Mixing station

    These 50 gallon rectangular tanks are what I went with. I got them from ruralking.com with free shipping that took 8 weeks. They don't have them in stock currently but I found them here: https://www.plastic-mart.com/product/913/55-gallon-portable-utility-tanks-sp0055-mm
  12. You can probably wire the spare up to the main system for more backup but as I say it would cost you a weekend and seeing how you have a robust home generator it is probably not necessary. It reminds me that I need a better plan...
  13. Bummer for real. I hate it when I do that kind of thing. The water probably put some 12V where it did not belong and fried a super small 5V component. It could easily happen without leaving much of a trace and it would be super hard to troubleshoot. If the AC power made it where it did not belong now that would leave a mark. I am sure you can re-purpose the battery for some weekend killing project though...
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