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  1. @SuncrestReefThanks for the info. I might modify my plan. I will probably come to the meeting. I would like to hear the angels singing when you open the cabinet under your tank
  2. @SuncrestReef Wow I am so busted. That is the return to the tank so that I can pump fresh water to the ATO reservoir or salt water to the tank. Problem is that the 1/4 inch tubing is WAY to small and it essentially does not work. I need to get some wider diameter tubing and the perfect adapter to make it work correctly. Somehow I find the time to carry buckets but I can't get around to a Home Depot run to do it right. Sigh... Once I get around to that I will be king of the world at least until I decide I need auto water changes with the Neptune DOS.
  3. I heart my mixing station. Two 50 gallon rectangular tanks actually fit in the only space I had available in my over stuffed and under sized house. I don't have any automation yet but they have really helped me stay on top of maintenance.
  4. freddyk

    Mixing station

    These 50 gallon rectangular tanks are what I went with. I got them from ruralking.com with free shipping that took 8 weeks. They don't have them in stock currently but I found them here: https://www.plastic-mart.com/product/913/55-gallon-portable-utility-tanks-sp0055-mm
  5. You can probably wire the spare up to the main system for more backup but as I say it would cost you a weekend and seeing how you have a robust home generator it is probably not necessary. It reminds me that I need a better plan...
  6. Bummer for real. I hate it when I do that kind of thing. The water probably put some 12V where it did not belong and fried a super small 5V component. It could easily happen without leaving much of a trace and it would be super hard to troubleshoot. If the AC power made it where it did not belong now that would leave a mark. I am sure you can re-purpose the battery for some weekend killing project though...
  7. I use Acropower and my SPS and everything else are growing great. I use an automatic doser for it.
  8. Sure... blame the economy when you just want a way to build a bigger and better tank. Good call because as they say you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.
  9. A quick tour of my tank
  10. @lewisriverfisherman Nice!
  11. I know right I am afraid of palys because my first tank got overrun by them.
  12. Good call. I googled that name and it is spot on. Thanks!
  13. Yea. That sounds right. Thanks.
  14. Thanks! Sunny D's must be it. I seem to remember a couple verities being available for that buy. I am horrible at keeping track of coral names. I have one confession regarding your coral. You sold me a green monti that I put next to a few zoanthids. I made this decision before I understood how fast zoas could grow. Soon the monti began to get surrounded. To her credit my wife would regularly remind me to rescue the monti and I would say that it is on my list and somehow never got around to it. A few weeks ago the monti started to fight back. In this picture you can see it making a valiant attempt to breakout stage right. Maybe I should fire up the calvary and give it a hand. Do you remember what that monti was called? I don't know what the zoas are but they are a rare mix of beautiful and fast growing.
  15. Thanks! I put my first coral in it when I participated in the group buy at the March 2018 meeting at Cuttlefish. In my first attempt 10 years ago coral growth was mostly just a dream. Now if I can keep it up coral growth could be problematic – a good problem to have.
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