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  1. Thanks Exodus. Could not have said it better myself.
  2. Ok so it it is quite likely that I am lazy. Actually though I have decided to not rehab my aquarium because when I set it up in 2007 I over engineered the closed loop and put WAY too many holes in it. This new tank will have to last and I just did not want to have a bunch of questionable patches in a built in wall tank. So I just threw down and called Envision Acrylics. I am going to rehab the old 140 gallon for an outdoor aquaponics garden or some other hair brained project. Thanks again for the advice everyone and it is totally ok if you call me lazy
  3. Freshwater peeps?

    I have been a long time planted aquarium keeper and I had a reef 8 years back with mixed results. I think it is safe to say that both types of aquariums can be tricky. I am super excited because I am going to give the reef another go and I just ordered a 140 gallon tank form Envision Acrylics. Here is a pic of my current planted tank. This version of the tank went through a year of total fail until I got my act together. It is all about CO2, a simple splash of fertilizer and iron from a bottle almost daily, and water changes with light gravel cleaning. Once the plants hit a certain point it gets a lot easier to manage but it can get ugly fast. Full blown reef tanks are far more complicated for all the reasons everyone knows. If a planted tank goes bad it is not a big deal to replant from zero. If a three year + reef tank has a problem starting over is an entirely different thing.
  4. Thanks BabelFish I have both a sander that uses the clip in approach and a sander with the velco pads. I was planning on taking the advice above and going with the one with the clip in paper and light pressure. I can't wait to see it either
  5. Thanks so much for that information! I am going to try it next week. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. Thanks. That sounds like some solid advice.
  7. Thanks guys I will do a close check for some crazin. It is my old tank that I have not used in at least 7 years. Overall it sounds possible if I sand it by hand until I hear the angels
  8. Hi I am getting back into the hobby and I have a 140 gallon acrylic aquarium with the usual scratches. Does anyone have any experience with buffing a large aquarium? Am I crazy to think I can buff 72" by 24" and not just make it worse? Would I be looking at 5 or 15 hours of punishing labor or worse? If anyone has any horror stories I would love to hear them. If you think it is not all that hard I would love to hear that as well. If there is someone in town that does this kind of thing for money I might be interested as well. Thanks