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  1. Hi I have a Teco SeaChill TR 10 Aquarium Chiller. It is old but it has never had salt water through it. It was just setup once to test the PVC fittings that are attached. $100.
  2. I would like my 2 supporting tickets to go for the MP10 My 11 purchased tickets to go for the Koralia Thanks!
  3. I am trying to Google the specs. Which model is it or just let me know the dimensions. Thanks.
  4. With a potential fish room like 🤩 it is your duty to setup a tank.
  5. I have a sportsman GEN4000DF. https://www.campingworld.com/sportsman-propane-4000-watt-generator-116228.html I bought it because it can run from propane. Storing gas long term is not easy. Having a couple large propane tanks around is easy. Also if the power goes out sometimes the gas station pumps won't work. I also live in the hills and getting to the gas station in an ice storm is not happening. The funny thing is that the description of this generator says it is about as loud as a "regular conversation". This is very far from true. It is so loud that I would never run it at
  6. Power went out in the Portland West Hills near Gabriel Park last night at 8. I have a 140 gallon that is super lightly stocked with fish but a ton of coral. I used a small battery bank to run a small power head. The temp got down to 70. Today I fired up a generator until 7pm and got the temp up to 77. The generator is to loud to run at night so I am back to the power bank and single pump. If not for the PBR I would be really stressed. Any idea how low I can let the temp go?
  7. The Pano Photo feature on the iPhone works great for long tanks.
  8. Aiptasia is human abuse. I had those in my first tank. Me and my wife thought it was a groovy hitchhiker. It was a hitchhiker alright but unfortunately the knife wielding variety. I have bubble algae in my current tank. It is not as bad as aiptasia but it has the same capacity for nightmares.
  9. I have this conch that is not lacking in flare. Should I remove the zoanthids or let a few more grow?
  10. I can't believe I missed this. And this month had been going so well – Ha Ha
  11. I have two of these and they are model citizens and all I have is small fish and one yellow tang. The only thing they attack is my arm. Sometimes it is really jarring. They are totally awesome otherwise. Love those little F***kers.
  12. Their coral section is minimal and over priced but I have had a lot of luck with the livestock and they often have a great selection.
  13. Operation Rasta snag was a success - Thanks Holly!
  14. Sweet! Any chance of some Rasta Zoas being in the mix?
  15. I am not sure if he can help with raw acrylic but James at http://www.envisionacrylics.com/ built my aquarium and he must have crazy solid acrylic connections. I can't wait to see what you are building
  16. Cool location. Reminds me I need to support Seahorse. The only thing in my current tank that I held over from my 2008 tank was the hundreds of pounds of beautiful live rock that Woody sold me. Some really epic specimens for sure. Woody helped give me this addiction that has proven difficult to shake. Can't say I would ever risk actual live rock ever again. On top of the ecological issues the darnedest things come along for the ride. Letting it sit in the sun for 8 years really does the trick though. None of the aiptasia survived.
  17. @SuncrestReefThanks for the info. I might modify my plan. I will probably come to the meeting. I would like to hear the angels singing when you open the cabinet under your tank
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