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Found 13 results

  1. WTS this tank in mill city oregon. Dirty but not too scuffed. Roughly 7x3x3 I keep forgetting my tape measure. Need it done asap asking $1200 OBO buyer picks up.
  2. Finished harvesting phyto from the new reactors. Had enough excess to make 6 bottles of blend. Isochrysis + Tetraselmis + Nannochloropsis + Thalassiosira. There's a splash of Pyrocystis and Porphyridium as well. Located in Portland, $10 for 16oz bottle. Cheaper in bulk. Shipping available A few flasks of nanno + iso are available well.
  3. Well it not what the original plan was but with the nightmare of a time buying the new house this is it.
  4. Unfortunately I am in the process of getting out of the hobby for the next few years and have several corals that I need to sell. Duncan Colony that has approximately 50 heads $5/head for 250 OBO Purple Tipped Green frogspawn with approximately 20 heads $10/head 200 Purple/green acan with 19 heads $175 Additionally I have what was sold to me as a "dragon's soul" favia with 10 heads $60 Will sell for reasonable offers. All need to be sold and delivered by This coming Monday. I live in Lebanon oregon but can deliver along I-5 if need be.
  5. Hello, Saltwater set up I am selling my whole tank set up and getting out of the Hobby. This is a 20 gallon tank from innovative Marine, a 20 gallon AIO fusion tank. This tank holds water and the seals are good. Send me a PM if you are interested. Things that come with this tank. 20 Gallon Nano Innovative Marine Fusion tank----$100.00 Paradise Coral 25 dollar Gift Certificate comes with the setup----Comes with the above Salinity tester and TDS meter---Comes with the above Calcium reactor $60.00 Vortex MP10 With controller-----SOLD Mighty Jet 538 GHP with Controller--$60.00
  6. I moved last year and the new house has afforded me much more room and a new bigger build is in the works. Not parting any pieces of this sale. Tank 6x2x2 built by james at envision custom with external overflow box. 3/4 inch all around Custom sump with large fuge chamber Powder coated steel stand ready for any skin you can apply RLSS DC 8 skimmer 3 Radion gen3 pro lights Maxpect gyre 250 x2 Full apex unit with modules Trash can full of dry rock 150 lbs Ehiem 1262 return pump. This tank was meticulously maintained and it will reveal no scratches after a vinegar bath. $1500
  7. Selling my tank since I upgraded to a larger one. This would be a great starter tank for somebody. Comes with a 20 or so gallon sump that fits in the lower part of the stand. Stand has a removable shelf. It could use some touch up paint but it is definitely over-engineered and plenty sturdy. Also selling a return pump and and plumbing to run the system. I have an ATB protein skimmer for sale as well. I would love to sell the tank as a package but I will part it out if necessary. Tank- $50 Stand- $100 ATB Skimmer- $100 Sump- $25 Return pump- $25 Plumbing- $15
  8. Hi guys, first post, I'm looking buy some zoa frags for my zoa garden I'm working on in my new tank, I'm specifically looking for utter chaos, rasta, magician, froot loops, Darth maul, or candy apple reds. I have a couple small neon green birdsnest frags that I'd up for trading too if interested. Thanks in advance!
  9. tank served me well it's time to let it go, size main tank is 50 by 14 by 31, sump is 31 by 21 by 17 everything 500$ ,I m willing to part it I also have bunch of 400W radian bulb and fixtures if you are interested. sell it cheap please feel free to ask any questions txt 971 72o o3o5
  10. I have two Kessil A360W Tuna Blue E series Reef Aquarium LEDs for sale. This includes the link cable, Apex cable, and Kessil goosenecks. One light is about 2 years old and the other is about a year. These have been run through an Apex controller and maxed at 75% for about 8 hours a day. Over $900 new.
  11. Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here since the site crash and the ensuing events. I am in the middle of an upgrade from a standard 90 gallon to a Red Sea Reefer 450 (thank you Jeff @Cuttle Fish and Corals). I met Holly @GilandFin when I went to pick it up, and she convinced me to do a build thread, which I will begin soon. Just not enough hours in the day lately. I have purchased all new equipment for this build so I need to clear some things out before I am suddenly single. Everything is around a year old and still works as new. All equipment has been vinegar soaked and cleaned except the tank. It will need a rinse and a good coralline scraping. The stand is a DIY and needs a minimal wipe down of salt creep. I honestly don't have a ton of time or energy to take pics of everything, but if there is something you want a pic of, let me know and I will try to accommodate the request. Keep in mind, all equipment has been cleaned so you will be getting a picture that looks like one would expect. Here is the list so far, and more will be added as I go: Two wp25s with dual controller: $75 - also comes with an extra you can use for parts like the cage, impeller, o-ring, etc. Jebao dc-6000 return with controller: $65 Ocean Revive Arctic T247 (2): $80 each JBJ ATO w/ two aqualifters for parts, as both need new diaphragms: $25 (this was bought from a member here last year and never used, so I cannot speak to the functionality of the JBJ, only what I was told). 90 gallon standard reef ready Marineland with DIY stand and 29 gallon DIY sump w/ acrylic baffles: $150 - $100 if you pick it up today, as the goodwill resulting from getting it out at home is well worth $50 to me . There are a couple of scratches on the front glass but cannot be seen when filled (at least by me). The tank is old school and HEAVY so you will need a couple of guys to move it. I will do my best to help. Here is a link to the PNWMAS thread of my original build for pics: http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/32384-90-gallon-build-pic-heavy/ BRS 48" screen frame kit w/ what should be enough 1/4" netting to complete the project: $25 Two Oddysea 4x 48" T5 fixtures with Oddysea bulbs, one with a brand new Icecap 660 ballast and original ballasts: $120 for both (the icecap is worth more than this alone). This was a failed attempt to overdrive T5s, but were never used because I couldn't get the fans to run off the icecap. But I am not an electrician, and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I can get it going just fine. Eight unused 48" ATI T5 bulbs, I believe two of each - Coral+, Blue+, Purple+, and Actinic+: $15 each or $100 for all. I also have an SCA 303 Skimmer that is currently being used in my 50g stock tank that I will be selling soon as well. The skimmer is about a year old, but I replaced the Atman pump in August due to a hermit somehow getting lodged in the impeller and frying the original pump. I still have the original boxes for most things for sale due to my hoarding problem. Sorry about the wordiness... I write Corporate documents for a living and its kind of hard to turn it off PM with any questions or to get my phone number for texting purposes (I hate talking on the phone).
  12. Downsizing and selling my 60 gallon 24" cube made by Advanced Acrylics in great shape except for some minor scratches that can easily be buffed out before setting up, and the following equipment: $300 Acrylic Cube 24x24" (3yrs old) and custom stand $80 Reef Octopus NWB-110 (2.5yrs old) $2.00 / lb. live rock (wet, 2 full 5 gal buckets - weight to be determined) $100 DIY LED light parts: heatsinks, 2 meanwell ELN60-48D drivers, 18 CREE-XRE Star cool white, 18 CREE-XRE Star royal blue (3yrs old) OBOAttached Thumbnails
  13. Howdy all. i have not been on for quite a long time miss alot of you. i am currently shutting down my 150 gal tank. i have 150 lbs or more of large live rock. the hood has 4 attinics with two MH. comes with stand, hood sump hang on back overflow. $250 obo i may be keeping return pump and skimmer. i also have a 40 bow front with base cabinet(i may be off on the 40) includes canister filter $40 two spair sumps with free bio balls. $15 each large live rock @ $3.50 per lbs i have a truveiw 60 gal with stand and hood $100 i will try to post picks
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