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Found 4 results

  1. Finished harvesting phyto from the new reactors. Had enough excess to make 6 bottles of blend. Isochrysis + Tetraselmis + Nannochloropsis + Thalassiosira. There's a splash of Pyrocystis and Porphyridium as well. Located in Portland, $10 for 16oz bottle. Cheaper in bulk. Shipping available A few flasks of nanno + iso are available well.
  2. I usually do 16oz flasks as my portion size but can scale to what you're looking for. Open to trades as well. I cut phyto every 5 days so I have more of that on hand. Copepods are kept as master cultures in which I usually only cut for maintenance or (fingers crossed) the population in my sump crashes. Rotifers are cut every 1-2 days for feeding purposes. Looking to sell blend rather than individual strains at this time. It keeps me sane. Phyto - Nanno, Tetra, Thal, Iso Copepod - Apocyclops, Tisbe, tigri Rotifers - L type $10 per 16oz. Bulk we can do $7.50 Located 97225 (next to Western Pet Supply)
  3. Has anybody on here ever grown there own phytoplankton before? I just built a phytoplankton growing station and I've got everything all ready except I'm not sure what to use as fertilizer, I keep seeing something named f/2 which is a specific for marine algae fertilizer. I also see people using miracle grow, not something I would do personally as I don't know the exact ingredients, but some reefers on forums say it's bad because of heavy metals, mainly copper. While doing research I found two separate formulas for the f/2 fertilizer that everyone says to use and both contain copper sulfate?!? That to me seems like that last thing I'd want to put in my tank.... with that being said, anyone know of something different to use as the fertilizer? I was almost thinking of trying a mix of potassium nitrate and some other stuff that would be already used to dose tanks with. I'll attach the formula for the fertilizer that everyone seems to be suggesting to use. f_2_medium.pdf
  4. I'm attempting to breed Amano Shrimp and gathering the bits that I need to get started. The last bit is Marine Phytoplankton. Got any? Thanks
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