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  1. NoDoze

    Finally cleaned out the garage sale :)

    "Hydor smart wave with two circulation pumps $40" What gph are the pumps?
  2. NoDoze

    Preferred Ca Reactor Media?

    ARM Coarse Media anything else I get mush to dissolve for 3/4 of the time.
  3. NoDoze

    I did a stupid. Ich?

    All fish have ich, it's just a matter of how much stress will bring it out. Water parameters, other fish, or a sudden change in environment can all be triggers. Garlic is also a good alternative. Slice a garlic clove thin and mix it with the food. Takes weeks to influence anything, so it's a good preventative measure, or if the fish looks like it just needs help to fight the ick.
  4. NoDoze

    New 120 gal interim shark tank project

    "hey instead of wasting $30 or so at a movie why don't we go to the fish store and spend $30 and then just pick up Redbox?" Jaw dropping...she CAN'T be real!!! WOW...I'm speechless.
  5. NoDoze

    Overnight bleaching !!!

    I always wondered how effective Prime was? I used to dose a little in my 5 gal jugs when getting water from the lfs. I wondered if dosing into an empty jug would keep it active before adding the water? In the DT, would dosing be better after adding the water, or before? Should dosing be to the DT, or the sump? Additionally, many years ago, fish would have an outbreak of ick after every Prime dose, which is why I stopped with that tank. Perhaps I'm just making things trivial, but I'm naturally a thinker, so I may be over thinking things...?
  6. NoDoze

    Overnight bleaching !!!

    What is this? A game of guess the issue? Just tell us...
  7. NoDoze

    Koran Angel with fin deterioration and lumps

    How is he eatting? The fin deterioration could be food or stress. May be a combination of things :(
  8. NoDoze

    Suicidal gobies

    Perhaps not enough hiding space, or deep enough sand bed? Were the gobbies acting normal and/or looked relaxed? Typically, they're always looking for food, not at other fish in fear.
  9. NoDoze

    Installed an inline exhaust fan

    Wow! 100% TOTALLY envious! I can't image the conversation with the wifie to get this permitted. My wifie would give me that rediculous look, take her closest space away for the tank!?! NEVER! LOL
  10. NoDoze

    Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    I would be all over this if you were closer to north bend :(
  11. NoDoze

    Verizon S6 Edge plus Gold

    Didn't like the edge? I was thinking of changing to the edge.
  12. Yea, I would get the anemone to move, don't try to move the coral. Either move the rock, turn off the lights for an extended time, point flow at it, or create some turbulence with your hand and wait 30 min, it should move. I asked what type of anemone, because each type responds differently. When anemones move over coral, as long as the tentacles don't sting the coral, or the coral doesn't sting the anemone, it should continue moving and all should be well.
  13. What kind of anemone? The anemone is more likely to move, why not try to move it instead?
  14. When I added a CBB our powder blue went bizzerk! CBB took damage on all fins. I used a 6" sq mirror. I first tried taping the mirror to the front and side of the tank, but the PB would only posture if he randomly saw himself. So then I followed the PB around the tank, holding the mirror right infront/over him. He would posture and attack it constantly, end to end of the tank, did this for 5+ min. Then taped it at the end of the tank. PB never left all afternoon, posturing and attacking even from the other end of the tank. The CBB probably thought he was nuts! Never bothered him again.... By evening, the PB looked exhausted, and my six line and flame angel took their turns posturing themselves, for hours. When the lights went out, I took the mirror off. Never had an issue anymore. Now they all eat like pigs
  15. 89°!?! Where you located? I'll bring the beer! Someone's cookin fish tonight! LOL Anything over 80° fish metabolism goes up! They should appear 'high strung' and more hungry. Stressful to say the least. Get a chiller. I unplug the heater in the summer, and just rely on a fan pointed at the ATS to keep things cool.