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  1. Hey guys, I have a 21 gal nano and this XR30 was way too strong for it. I used it for about 6 months before I took it down and replaced it with a Kessel A80. This thing is killer and will grow anything you want. Fully programmable. I have all manual and warranty paperwork as well. It's clean and every LED works.
  2. Hey guys. I just got an extra Radion XR15 Pro (marine) gen4 from BRS instead of my diffuser. Letting it go to a good local home. $350 -Brian (503) 332-8593
  3. Sorry about that. I thought I had included it in the title. I'm asking $250 for all of it.
  4. I'm going to post this on Let-go and Offer-up tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you guys have first crack at it. I'm selling a brand new Aqueon 65 saltwater aquarium that come with a built in overflow in the back, and a derson stand pipe. It comes with a stand, sump, skimmer, and light. I'm actually breaking down a full 65gal because I "upgraded" to a Red Sea nano so, it comes with everything you need to have an awesome aquarium setup like I did for 5 years. It comes with: -Aqueon 65gal glass aquarium with Megaflow overflow (still need to be installed) -Redwood stand -Sump (may want to be replaced) -Eschopps in sump skimmer -Light fixture that houses 2 HQI 250W Metal Halide 20k's and 6 ATI mostly actinic T5's.Comes with 25 extra bulbs, most new ATI T5's -3 Hydor power heads -7 clean filter socks -Aqueon main pump (comes with extra pumps of varying sizes) -Sump light and Chaeto light -Auto top-off float valve -Doper -too many extras to list
  5. Light screens cover, 45gal plastic tote, Marineland MU1200 about a year old, submersable LED light bar with bubbler attachement, 150w heater, assortment of plants and hiding places. All have been in cuppramine. $25
  6. Light screens cover, 45gal plastic tote, Marineland MU1200 about a year old, submersable LED light bar with bubbler attachement, 150w heater, assortment of plants and hiding places. All have been in cuppramine. $25
  7. I have a few local people with big tanks interested. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks.
  8. Sally has been with me through multiple tank crashes for 5 years. She came with a 65 gal I purchased used. She should have never been in that tank in the first place. Now, she needs a good home with room to swim. She's alwayd been one of my best fish. She's never picked on or harmed anything in the tank. She loves her Nori. I have her trained to stay in her house while I feed my anthias at night. Really a great fish, but she's deserves a larger tank. I have her in a qaurantine tank now, and I just finished treating her with Cupramine and Prazi Pro to give her the best start. She's ready to go. Come get her.
  9. My foxface is still alive in a 5g hospital tank running Cupramine. He's not happy, but he's not breathing fast, he responds to my presence and seems to sleep most of the day by his colloration. He's eating very little, but seems to be healthy. Nothing else in the tank has come down with it since I raised the Ph and KH, but I realized too late that I hadn't seen my dragonette in a while. Then I remembered one small white spot I had seen on her weeks ago. She's probably gone, and the reproduction cycle of ich has probably started. My Anthia is hanging out by my cleaner shrimp though, which is a bad sign. So far, not terrible.
  10. Thank you so much for the reply. This is my first bout with ich. I didn't quarantine any of my fish, so one of them must have been a carrier. My DT is damaged, so I have a new one sitting here. I think I'm going to raise the salinity in the QT (currently in hypo), dose the cupramine per it's instructions for 3 weeks for my Foxface, then put him back in the DT and hope nothing dies till I do the transfer. Then, when I do the transfer, i'll put all the fish in a 50gal plastic tote with DT water and a new canister filter and dose Cupramine for 3 weeks before putting them into the new DT after 8 weeks fallow. Sound good?
  11. So I picked up a Kole tang and a Foxface from Ken's closeout on July 8th. Two days ago, I noticed a couple of small white spots on my Foxface that looks like ich. Today there were many more so I pulled him out and put him in a quarantine tank and began to check parameters. My pH was at 7.4.... Stupid. I started adding formula 2 and brought it back up. Now, my question is, I've never had ich in my tank before and it's been a month since I added the Foxface. Could this be ich? Can it stay dormant that long or is it in the gills of another fish and I just can't see it. I'm going to be treating the quarantine tank with copper and hyposalinity for the next six weeks. All of my fish including the Foxface are acting normal. I really love this fish and I want to do anything I can to save him. Any suggestions appreciated. I haven't been able to get a good picture yet of him yet, but when I do, I'll post them.
  12. Looks good. Thank you. -Brian
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