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  1. Rocks & Shrooms

    Doing a little house cleaning today. I have 2 good size rocks with Green Mushrooms and 1 rock with Branching GSP. Looking to trade for rock,SPS , or ? Let me know what you have. Located in Keizer.
  2. Free Branching GSP

    All gone or spoken for. Please close.
  3. Free Branching GSP

    Later this afternoon should work. I could put some to the side for ya.
  4. Free Branching GSP

    I could put some to the side for ya.
  5. Free Branching GSP

    Ok, we will be out on the bikes for a few hours. Should be home this afternoon.
  6. Free Branching GSP

    Ive got quite abit of the Branching type GSP to thin out. This is different from the encrusting stuff and is very easy to keep under control. Im in Keizer if anyone want some.
  7. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Talk to Garrett at TPA, I have borrowed one of his large stock tanks as temporary storage. I have a truck. When?
  8. Free RBTAs

    I'm sorry to report that none of the Nems survived this harvest ?. Better luck next time. Thanks for the interest..
  9. Free RBTAs

    If I have any left, I will let you know.
  10. Free RBTAs

    So far, I have: Xmas_one = 1 Rentalcoot = 1 In the event I can only get a few, I will go in order in an effort to be fair.
  11. Free RBTAs

    I need to thin my here of RBTAs (Rose Bubbletip Anemone). So tomorrow I'm going be attempting to remove a few(hopefully 5 or 6). They will be free to whomever wants one, but I certainly wouldn't turn down an SPS frag or two. I'm located in Keizer,OR. Fish not included.
  12. Should I be worried?

    After watching the coral for awhile, I am thinking it's part of the coral and not a pest. Thanks for asking.
  13. Calcium Reactor - Advice Dialing In

    You might have to drop your reactor Ph a little. As the reactor Ph falls the Alk should go up. Take it slow, like .10 per day and test every day or so.
  14. Should I be worried?

    I have two Wrasses already (Red Tail Coris and a Melanarus) will a 6 Line be okay with those guys?