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  1. WingRider62

    Purple Monti

    I need to trim back my Purple Monti today. Can frag to pretty much any size you want, prices will start at $5 and go up with size. Also, have Branching GSP, Free with purchase of frag, or $5 for a generous amount. Located in Keizer. Would consider other SPS frags as trades.
  2. WingRider62

    A few Corals and Frags FS/Trade

    Weekend bump
  3. WingRider62

    A few Corals and Frags FS/Trade

  4. I'm doing a little "house cleaning" today. I'm horrible about knowing the name of most Corals lol ,but will do the best I can to discribe them. Will entertain SPS trades. Located in Keizer,OR Purple "Stick" about 3" tall and several branches. $25 Green encrusting with brown polyps. SOLD Purple MontiCap. $10 will frag Branching GSP frag, $5 or free with any purchase. Two color Paly Colony SOLD Light purple SPS colony $40.
  5. WingRider62

    29 biocube in tigard or

    PM sent
  6. WingRider62

    Some sticks!

    I have a pretty good sized Purple Digi frag or a " Tennis ball size" 2-color Paly colony I would be willing to trade for 1 or more of your frags. I cant make it to the meeting,but Im located in Keizer if your'e interested.
  7. WingRider62

    Free Toadstools

    Gone... please close
  8. WingRider62

    Free Toadstools

    I have two good sized Toadstool Leathers that need new home. They are Free , but certainly wouldn’t turndown SPS frags. Located In Keizer.
  9. WingRider62

    RODI filters

    Maybe I will venture out to Upscales tomorrow, been feeling under the weather the last couple of days. Do remember what you paid for all 4?
  10. WingRider62

    RODI filters

    Is there any LFS in the area that would stock the sediment,carbon,DI resin and menbrane? I ordered a full online and half of then were wrong, so now looking to buy loxal.
  11. WingRider62

    Toadstool trades

    Sometimes go up to Upscales or Cuttlefish. What what do have in mind for trading?
  12. WingRider62

    Toadstool trades

    Got a couple of Toadstool corals that have outgrown their allotted spaces. Neon Green is about 3-4” across and the Tan/Pink is about 6” across. Looking to trade for SPS. Located in Keizer,OR
  13. WingRider62

    Rocks & Shrooms

    Doing a little house cleaning today. I have 2 good size rocks with Green Mushrooms and 1 rock with Branching GSP. Looking to trade for rock,SPS , or ? Let me know what you have. Located in Keizer.
  14. WingRider62

    Free Branching GSP

    All gone or spoken for. Please close.
  15. WingRider62

    Free Branching GSP

    Later this afternoon should work. I could put some to the side for ya.