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  1. Great deal! If I didn't already have t5 hybrids on my tank, I'd totally jump on this. Glws
  2. If I end up not being able to find nudibranchs, I'll probably give peppermint shrimp a go. If I get some I'll try keeping them well fed. Although they'll have plenty of aiptasia to munch on for a while
  3. My tank is a 45 gallon AIO and the display portion is probably close to 30-35 gallons. I also have a melanurus wrasse that I'm afraid will eat them. I've considered getting some peppermint shrimp but I have a lot of softies and LPS that I'm afraid they'll pick at. The aiptasia population is starting to get out of hand. I've used so much aiptasia-X but they seem to keep spreading
  4. Looking for at least 2 berghia nudibranchs. Please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  5. Hi, do you still have the chiller and JBJ ATO?
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