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  1. I am in need of a mag 3 or 5 pump to push water through my UV sterilizer. Any recommendation for alternative pump is much appreciated as well. I am also insterested in starting a 20 gallon tank with Live rock and clownfish. If anyone has extra Liverocks for cheap in the Hillsboro area or SE Portland, Please let me know. Thank you, Sonny
  2. Mag Drive 7

    sold, if not I am intrested.
  3. Sonny, I've been in the hobby for quit some time now, decided to revisit Saltwater. I will start out with a small 15 gallon Clown tank. I am just now gathering equipments to start. I have a 15 gallon Eclipse in which I plan on using. I have a sump and Skimmer, needing light and pump to get going. I have a 240 gallon empty tank, a 110 gallon that I will start planting and raise Pseudacanthicus ( L24 and L25s), Two 55 gallon tanks, one will remain Freshwater for Zebra Plecos L46s, the other I will be converting to salt soon. Saltwarter will be a slow process for me, only because I have a few freshwater projects I want to get done. Any leads to good LED light information is appreciated... thanks.
  4. Left overs, Way Reduced, Please buy us.

    I could use the Rio 180 pump, lmk if you are available today. Sonny
  5. A Special offer :O!!

    went looking to see what's at 2038 nw Aloclek dr suit #223 Hillsboro, Or 97124, didn't see any reef store, MerryMaid? thanks
  6. 180 Gallon Reef setup (Everything must go)

    Update Got the tank home, cleaned it. The tank looks good, went through 2 razor blades. It was great meeting you, thanks again.
  7. 180 Gallon Reef setup (Everything must go)

    Got the tank home, cleaned it. The tank looks good, went through 2 razor blades. It was great meeting you, thanks again.
  8. Check out what I scored!

    I could use a deal like! nice and clean! sweet deal!
  9. Called djl to no avail. I've decided to go cement blocks until I decide where I want the tank. Thanks to this who replied. I will still shop for a metal frame but not in urgent need for time being.
  10. I bought a 8X4X2.5 tank but not the one on CL recently, would have bought that one too, I like the sump. the tank I have does not have a sump. reef165, I do not have Dave's number, PM if and when you have time. thanks.
  11. Craigslist 500gallon

    I called the guy, left multiple messages, but never got a call back. missed out!
  12. I am looking for a 8X4 steel frame, worthy of withstanding 600 gallons. Height limit is 30 inches, otherwise it will not fit my doors. If you have one and would like to get rid of it, please send me an email. much appreciated.. sonny
  13. WTS-WTT 475 gallon tank

    Glad you sold the tank! Hopefully I'll be in a position to buy one when the opportunity arises again. Such a great foot print for my needs.
  14. 500 gallon tank

    Tank is 5x5x30 acrylic with home made stand. the tank is in great shape except for being dirty. $750 I wished that was a 7X3X30, good luck with your sale.
  15. WTS-WTT 475 gallon tank

    Great dimensions (Freshwater Ray Tank), not the right timing for me. Good luck with your sale. TT.