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  1. Forgot to mention I’m in Sandy Oregon. Willing to meet part way but please for more then a $5 item.
  2. Coral Box 500 DC skimmer. The skimmer is new but the pump is bad. I bought two when they first came out. One to use one for parts. Well I ended up parting the pump out of this kit. $100.00 Aquaclear 110 works fine but missing all media (who would want to reuse mine anyway?) $25 Aquaclear mini also missing media $10.00 phosban 150 reactor with pump $15.00 Lifeguard quite one 1200 pumps complete like new in boxes with 1/2” ball valves $5.00 each Kent marine glass cleaner for acrylic tank $5.00 5 gallon all glass new $5.0
  3. Sale pending on the aquarium just to let everybody know that’s texting me. I didn’t realize that this was going to generate so much interest last time I sold a complete aquarium I didn’t get nothing out of it So I expected the same with this aquarium I guess it’s different these days
  4. Texting will the fastest way to get ahold of me. 971-272-6757 dave All prices negotiable
  5. Box full of misc pvc fitting bulk heads and plumbing what nots. $10.00 small return or transfer pump. I have 2 of them like new work fine $10.00 ea.
  6. Coral box d500 skimmer body and cup. New in the box parted the pump out of it for another. The pump is not in the box just parts $50.00
  7. Phosban reactor with eBay pump. Works fine. May even have media left over that will go with. $15.00
  8. Aqua clear 110 works fine. $25.00 aqua clear 20. $10.00 Whisper ex30 with 2 replacement filters $10.00
  9. Also have buckets tote and 32 gallon mix can that goes with. Also will help with transport.
  10. Selling everything! Life is been throwing me some pretty bad curve balls lately so everything must go. Main tank is a Deep Sea 70 gallon rimless on matching black stand. Coral box D500 skimmer with the latest version DC pump. DC 4000 return pump also is the latest version of Jacod pump line. Reef corner 180w light and RS-75 sump 4 filter socks float valve ato system with 4 gallon bucket in the other room .finnex heater controls with 2 200w I believe.. fully stocked with easy to care for soft corals 1 scopes tang, mated pair of clownish, royal gramma, pistol shrimp with goby and
  11. Holds water just fine and has no cracks. But it is a bit scratched up. Nothing that can't be polished out with some elbow grease. Would make a great remote refugium or basement sump $125 offer dave
  12. Well, my skimmers DC 2000 pump dies almost 1 year to the day. knock on wood my DCT 3000 return is still cranking along. Funniest thing. I have cleaned the skimmer pump 3 times in that year. The return pump hasn't been touched. But, it isn't quite a year old yet. About another month iirc.
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