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  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles Daniel but glad things seem to be turning around. Not sure if you saw the thread from PDXmonkeyboy about his water related issues but he chased it down to an ammonia spike caused by increased chloramine in the water supply overwhelming his RODI and resulting in measurable ammonia getting added to his tank during water changes. Not sure if something like that could have happened to you (over a longer time frame) but the dates seem like they might align. Sounds like you have some nice new fish lined up to join the DT crowd!
  2. Very cool! I'm envious but probably wouldn't be able to survive the distance swim and water treading these days. Used to be a good swimmer as a teen but that was a loooong time ago now. Good luck man - hope you get to see some cool sea life. Do you have an underwater camera?
  3. Lid looks sharp - saw one on the display at C&C recently. Definitely good piece of mind for the jawfish. KIttens! Did you talk to the corgi about this? So far we have been lucky (knocks on wood) and our cats haven't tried to get on top of the new tank... they used to love to lounge on top of the canopy on the old one in the winter - nothing like a couple of 400watt MH fixtures to keep you toasty!
  4. I was in the same boat for a few years between tanks and would visit C&C on a regular basis to check out the latest offerings. They were always helpful despite knowing where I was at (Jorge could speak to how annoying this might have been 😁). I think the key is to be honest about your status and respectful of the staff's time. I usually made a point of deferring if it was obvious there was someone ready to purchase and limit questions when busy. I think most of the shops value a dedicated customer and are willing to invest some time cultivating a relationship knowing what a challenging hobby this can be.
  5. Haha! Indeed I do (and have used them) but it's hard to swing the hammer inside the tank!
  6. Hey all, My bird nests are getting to the point of needing some trimming so thought I would see if anyone had some fragging tools they no longer needed. Yeah, I know, they aren't that expensive to begin with but always like to check here first just in case someone is trying to clean out some unused gear. Alternatively, if an LFS happens to carry them them that could work as well - like to keep it local if possible. Thanks!
  7. We missed you Andrew! It was surprisingly pleasant in the shop even though it broke 100 outside. Plenty of motivation to just hang out, shop and converse with some fellow reefers. Oh yeah, and eat some tasty BBQ curtesy of Sirena who manned the grill outside the entire time (thanks again!). Next time!
  8. Cool! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck with the launch 👍
  9. Love the pics and recap Bert - you are the best! I was pretty impressed with the turnout given the weather - glad so many folk braved the heat to come in and enjoy all the hospitality provided by Garret and his crew as well as all the work Kim and Sirena put in. Sure I am forgetting some others here but great job all!
  10. But the castle!!!
  11. I did pick up an inverter so I could run a power head off my car battery but my tank would have cooked if it were 100 outside!
  12. Looks more like GSP or clove polyps to me. Is there a shared encrusting base? Definitely not aptasia from what I can see.
  13. Jorge - the reverse coral vampire!
  14. Wow - not something you expect to see this time of year - at least not unless you are in SoCal or something.
  15. I saw some killer new coral there earlier this week and there was more coming in so imagine it is pretty crazy this weekend.