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  1. eclipse pics

    I'm guessing that was a random shot of a wrecked second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. Hopefully not Jorge's!
  2. Great pics! Sorry you have to part with them. Would snag them if we had the new tank up but alas, that is going to be a while. GLWS.
  3. Live rock

    Glad to hear that - really like this tank 👍
  4. How do you judge the right amount of light?

    I do try and "PAR match" if possible but error on the side of slightly less light to start if I can't get a good value from the previous location.
  5. Live rock

    Oh man - sorry to see this come down. GLWS.
  6. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Congrats man... things sound like they are moving along quickly! Hope you get a good offer soon.
  7. Thanks Cuttlefish and Corals

    Those are beautiful! That Labouti was particularly nice. Congrats!
  8. Big news!!!

    Great news. Looking forward to seeing this develop. 👍
  9. Large torch FS $150.00

    Nice! Your euphyllia always look sharp.
  10. We have cards!!

    It will stay alive forever just to spite you - it is the way of the cat. We have three so are familiar with their devious ways. 😻
  11. We have cards!!

    I'm excited about the cards and all but hey BENGAL KITTY! No wonder you were hiding them from us at the meeting
  12. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Resist! Well... unless you don't have copies I guess.
  13. Viewing photos

    Hi Paul, I believe this reflects the fact that other people who posted may have used photo bucket as their hosting application and hence posted those pics as links. If/when their account goes bad, the viewer gets to see the error message you describe. The error message isn't really contextual and just assumes it is the original owner/user trying to view their photos - hence the confusing language. I have been seeing this quite a bit myself and some of the other posters have made reference to the fact that photo bucket was changing their policies/procedures in ways that had previous users abandoning the platform. When that happens, anyplace they may have uploaded links (like our forum) will likely break. The good news is that since we can now upload images directly to the site and it handles the hosting for us (through a third party) we shouldn't be as vulnerable to this kind of thing. Unless, of course, something happens to the PNWMAS hosting service (fingers crossed). So - long story short, it's them not you. If I messed this up I am sure one of our more savvy users will straighten me out in short order
  14. September Club Meeting!

    I see what you did there... Should be a great meeting. Really looking forward to hearing Miles' talk as we make use of some of these compounds regularly in research... plus it's just cool!
  15. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    One last shout out to Kim and the rest of the crew for putting together such an awesome collection of raffle items for this event. Between the starter kits, refractometer, frag supplies, gyres and Red Sea Nano there was really something everyone could use. Super excited to come home with the nano which is likely to become Darcy's new seahorse tank once we figure out a spot for it. Since I dragged her there on her b-day I figure it should really go to her anyway. I think she is pretty excited... she mentioned that she was going to use "Max Nano" as her screen name on the forum so I take that as a good sign