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  1. Great to meet you and your son today. Glad that tank is finally going to get set up - looking forward to seeing pics of it as it comes along. Good luck!
  2. As I expected, an entertaining thread! You could probably get as many different opinions and approaches to QT as there are reefers in this community. I do think it is important to make sure anyone buying or trading with you is aware of known issues and ideally your approach to husbandry but, really, everyone should just assume there will be hitchhikers of some variety and treat accordingly based on their own comfort level (dip/QT/?). While it would be nice to think everyone has the resources to implement a stringent scheme the realities are most likely going to make that impractical or at least unlikely. Kudos to those who manage to pull it off though as it definitely takes patience and great attention to detail. This is kind of an exciting possibility as a way to monitor our systems. What do you think the "confidence level" is with the current testing protocol and how many of the common diseases are you screening for?
  3. What were you thinking! I have to admit, I try not to think about this but with all the crashes lately, I keep adding up what I had just spent on restocking and get freaked out - and that is even taking full advantage of Holly's $10 sales so nothing like what a lot of you have put in. I don't even have a lot (by comparison) invested in the automation hardware. Definitely can give one pause...
  4. There is a hat to match!!! I want that!
  5. I think Darcy and my bank account would disagree. 😄
  6. Yep, never used, new in box Red Sea Max Nano with stand. This was supposed to be our seahorse tank but it just never got started and, after the 3rd crash in 2.5 years, we need to restock our main display before thinking about setting up another tank. Oh well... Let's say $400 for the set.
  7. Hi @bamburgb the handheld unit is available but you do need to be a supporting member in order to borrow it and also put down a refundable $50 deposit - either through the clubs paypal account or with CnC when you pick it up. Let us know if you are still interested.
  8. Trailermann should be picking up the USB. We can move down the list with the handheld.
  9. Hi Willz - all the units are currently in circulation or being picked up and there are at least a couple others in front of you. I can add you to the wait list but please be aware that you need to be a supporting member to be able to check one of these out.
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