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  1. albertareef

    New fish

    Big fan of melanarus wrasses - good hunters and pest control but can be a bit rough on inverts.
  2. Yep - thatโ€™s the one! Very nice...
  3. I like that tri color on the top left. Always have a soft spot for those.
  4. That is a bit disturbing. If your old carpet was still in there I would suspect it of being the guilty party. I could see it getting airborne as well but would have thought you would find it if so. Hope he is just hiding after getting startled or something.
  5. Wow - tank looks fantastic Brian! Lots of happy colonies in there. Impressive that they all came from frags. How long have they been in the tank?
  6. Nice save John ๐Ÿ‘ I donโ€™t want to be on the outlet side of the line when you fire up that compressor. Maybe you could get @pdxmonkeyboy to hold it for you.
  7. Welcome Merkey! Always glad to have more participants from north of the river - glad you found us. We are actually having our next meeting in WA (granted farther south) but maybe you can make a field trip. If you take a look at the member map feature, you might find some other folk closer by as well. I did move this to the "Introduce Yourself" thread as it seemed more appropriate.
  8. Should be a great meeting and worth the trip just to see Roy's setup. Hoping we see a lot of our Northern contingent at this one (are you listening Jeremy?) @TheClark
  9. Congrats on getting the OK for the big tank. Unfortunately, I don't have my old stand anymore or it would have worked ๐Ÿ™
  10. You just had to give Brian ideas didn't you. Sigh. I guess we can just pretend that is a name for the latest hot zoa...
  11. Which one is this? Hippo? They are pretty adept at making themselves very flat for sure!
  12. Thanks for taking this on Jay - I am sure it is a giant pain but it will be great to have this sorted and provide better clarity to all the members and the officers/BOD as well. Let us know if there is something we can help with on this side.
  13. This is fertile ground for commentary but no... As Manny mentioned, the fact that you do not see "supporting member" under your profile pic suggests that your membership has lapsed but you may want to wait until Chief confirms that he is done with his corrections. Suncrest's suggestion would be another way to try and verify if your last payment was more than a year ago (assuming you paid through the site). As for the zoanthid part - those headings are driven by post count if I'm not mistake - hence Kim (Emerald) has the "Top Poster" moniker. Can't recall if I have ever seen a list of those names/post count assignments though.
  14. Looks like you would be since you indicated either as OK (handheld preferred). It kind of skipped around a bit. Just a bit of procedural detail. We originally were trying to return these to whomever was running point on the program @lewisriverfisherman or one of the other officers/BOD so that they could verify the condition of the unit and arrange for the deposit return. This helped protect everyone in case a unit got damaged there wouldn't be any ambiguity. That said, the logistics have gotten a bit crazy - especially with two units - so not sure this protocol has held up. So... Paul @Trailermann, if you do pick this up from H2Ocooled either directly or via drop off, please verify functionality ASAP so that there are no misunderstandings. Thank you! Sean
  15. I'm happy to adopt any orphans ๐Ÿ˜€ Definitely first world coral problems...
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