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  1. albertareef

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    Welcome scissortail. Glad to hear about your plans and agree that it sounds like a good fit with the TT program. Sounds like kknight already has you lined up for the Boy's and Girls club tank which should make for a good start. Excited to see a participant in Hood River - one of my wife and my favorite day trips from PDX (was just up there last weekend). Hopefully see you at one of our club events soon... great way to meet some fellow reef keepers, get advice and hook up with potential donations for the tank. We typically have a very generous group on here.
  2. albertareef

    when is the club going to buy one of these...

    Just under 20K worth? and here I complain about how much our tank adds to the electrical bill...
  3. albertareef

    Wtb: sps frag pack

    I would reach out to Son @beer503 he often has cut to order frags from some very desirable specimens... Of course we also have some killer vendors on here that would be happy to set you up!
  4. albertareef

    WTB Purple Tang

    Glad you found something that worked for you - good luck with it!
  5. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Ok - that looks good (what did you do differently?). This would suggest the circuit in the distributor is good so perhaps your apparent continuity issue in the wiring harness is the culprit.
  6. Not bad considering the rough start they hard getting blown around the tank 😁
  7. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Yep but you tested directly on the terminals mounted on the distributor correct? Not sure if there are any accessible wires between those and the internal components. On my phone so hard to go back and look at the schematic.
  8. albertareef

    Waterbox Aquariums

    Dang - that six foot peninsula is pretty slick!
  9. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Hey Chris, so that reading with the pins (leads) not touching each other (1 with the dots) is basically infinite resistance (open circuit. The reading with the pins directly touching is basically zero resistance. If you are getting infinite resistance when testing the pins on the distributor to ground then there is a likely an issue with the pickup coils. From what I can tell the crankshaft position sensor (of which the pickup coils would be a part) is internal to the distributor so there is nothing to see without dismantling that. From that original thread I posted these do not appear to be serviceable parts so a new (or used) distributor would be in order. Before you went there, however, I would have someone verify for you as I’m guessing that may not be easy to come by or cheap. Good idea on the speaker test - I should have thought of that. Surprised it came out as close as it did since those values are “nominal” and represent an averaged resistance across the whole driver and crossover network (unless you tested a raw driver you had laying around).
  10. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Should not need to be cranking for resistance - this is just checking the integrity of the pickup coils. When you say no response, is it showing infinite resistance or none? Infinite would indicate a broken wire and none a short to ground somewhere. If that circuit is bad (broken pickup coil?) I would worry that you are not getting the proper timing signature from the CPS to the ECM and hence it isn't providing the correct control signal to the coil and hence no output to the distributor. I would verify that your multimeter is working and make sure you are testing between the correct pins on the distributor and ground but it is worrisome (to me anyway). Maybe I am completely misreading this and someone better at schematics (which would be just about anyone who works with electricity) will chime in. Hope I'm not leading you astray here.
  11. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Multimeters are pretty straightforward so I would guess it's fine. You could test it on a circuit you know works just to verify the values you get are reasonable - or you could use an actual resistor for an even better test if you had one laying around. An old fashion filament lightbulb could work as well (but I couldn't tell you exactly what resistance value to expect) or even the bulb out of your dome light.
  12. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Hey Chris, While you had that connector off of the distributor did you happen to test the resistances of G1, G2 and NE as described? Just curious because, if I am reading this correctly, those inputs/outputs carry the timing (CPS function) signature that the ECM uses to manage output to the coil so would be good to verify regardless of the continuity issue you are chasing.
  13. albertareef

    WTB Purple Tang

    Hi pdxreeftank, I saw a couple at Seahorse Aquarium supply this weekend - one was even from another persons system so already tank acclimated the other was a smaller new arrival - might be worth checking.
  14. albertareef

    Automotive Gurus

    Good stuff Taylor. Just a follow up on the CPS topic that was discussed earlier in the thread (and can cause the symptoms you have described - been there done that), it appears that it is incorporated into the distributor on the "94 V6 per this link https://www.justanswer.com/toyota/4kfs9-crank-sensor-located-1994-toyota-4runner-v6.html which makes it not so painless as a "just try it" option and would support a more systematic approach per Taylor's suggestion.
  15. albertareef


    Welcome! Pretty good group here and I'm sure lots of other gamers and sci-fi fans in the house. Do you have a tank up currently? Always nice to have a build thread going so you have someplace to put updates.