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  1. Randall probably broke it again... 😃
  2. Interesting idea. We did have some sponsored tanks at Hatfield but they decided to take down their warm water displays a while back and Sid (Intoythemystic) rehomed the livestock). Kind of a bummer. Tagging the officers/bod just so this doesn’t get missed. @badxgillen @Flashy Fins @Jeremevans @Lexinverts @youcallmenny @Gumby @Paratore @lewisriverfisherman
  3. Not sure if you know but we do have a couple of club PAR meters available to members to borrow. There is a PAR meeter booking thread (pinned under general topics) - just post in there and we will put you on the list.
  4. I may have mentioned this before but I get the distinct impression you may have a bit too much spare time on your hands 😀 j/k
  5. Nice list! We may need some more rolls of raffle tickets!
  6. albertareef

    SPS Issues

    Yeah - if not brand a different lot at least. Did you use the same RODI water as you do for ATO? Just trying to rule out variables.
  7. albertareef

    SPS Issues

    Ah... never mind 🙂 That being so, it still seems like a strange coincidence that your SPS would RTN so closely following the water change. Hmmm.
  8. albertareef

    SPS Issues

    That is odd and worrisome. What percent water change is that (forgot what size tank you have)? Sounds like something more significant going on with the water chemistry to cause such a substantial shift in Alk given they tested so close separately.
  9. Might try the Wet Spot in Hollywood district if that is more convenient.
  10. I hear you - it's a bit dense in some ways and trying to sort out the reality from the theory is challenging in the descriptions I have read through. I know Brian (PDXmonkeyboy) has spent some time looking at this topic as it's sort of up his alley.
  11. Yeah - this is where you get into conversations about the Redfield ratio (16:1 N:P) and the interconnectedness of it and the microbiome of sea (or tank) water. It's not completely clear but there is some evidence that keeping to this ratio fosters a proper balance of micro flora in your tank (mimicking the ocean) and deviations from it can produce "blooms" of potentially undesirable species that grow better under "imbalanced" or nutrient limited conditions. Organic's experience above is the type of observational info that supports such a relationship. It would be really interesting to add this variable to the biome analyses that Eli is offering through his new service Aquabiomics. I would hope that it (N:P ratio) would be one of the factors he might collect from those submitting samples. @EMeyer This is, obviously, interrelated with your other post about nitrates. Of course, there are a boatload of caveats here - not the least of which is the comparability of our nitrate and phosphate measurements with the elemental testing used in the Redfield studies. Still an interesting topic and one that Aquabiomics might help provide some valuable insight into...
  12. Hey Andy - just curious what you are running your nitrates at with the 0.1 phosphate level. Dodge - have you notice any ill effects from the low phosphate level?
  13. Interesting. Didn’t know this was a common phenomenon with BB tanks.
  14. I took a break for 7-8 years a while back after a majano infestation cost me my previous tank. While I did enjoy a certain amount of relief not having to stress about the tank i also missed it quite a bit. I used to go into Cuttlefish and Coral on a regular basis just to check out their stock for several years before I actually got another tank up and running. That said, it was probably the right time to take a break for me and I can't say I regret it strongly. On the other hand, I had already lost everything I was attached to so was going to be starting over completely from scratch anyway. I probably would have a much harder time of it if I had a setup and livestock that I was happy with and doing well at the time - much harder to pull the plug under those circumstances I think.
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