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  1. Impressive! What’s the calcium level like in that system?
  2. OK round one (first crash) Feb 2018 Cu 5.6 vs 0.1 "set point" La 5.16 vs 0.1 "set point" Zn 8.3 vs 4 "set point" Li 1875 vs 200 "set point" Round two (second crash) Dec 2019 Li 950 vs 200 "set point" Si 190 vs 100 "set point" The lanthanum in the first round I can account for (phosphate binder) and the heavy metal seemed to be from a piece of rock dissolving in my Ca reactor - which I managed to find with a magnet. Second go around the only thing I could think of was a piece of manmade shelf rock that I had added to the tank prior to the first crash so that is gone now. Also had high phosphate in the second round but not sure that is repeatable as I did not pick it up with a couple of new test kits (weird). Between the first and second episode, I changed my RO/DI water source, changed my primary salt source and stopped/replaced any additives (e.g. FUEL, trace elements, etc.) so none of those seem like a viable source. Not sure this helps but interesting none the less...
  3. Hey Trevor - if you get a 6 pack there is some savings (45 each vs. 49 each) and I think you can get 10% off signing up for their newsletter or such. I would be interested in going in on one with you as I want to make this a more regular thing and, if I have them on hand I'm more likely to do it. I will pull up my old test results and post some numbers for reference (will be painful).
  4. Doesn't work with Lithium unfortunately - I did use it for the heavy metals though during the first crash.
  5. Just an FYI - I edited the title so the name matches πŸ™‚
  6. Another beauty from the GB stable I see. Nice!
  7. Well someone is going to get a smoking deal. Sadly, I'm too short to be able to work on this without a step ladder πŸ˜” Really bummed... Great guy BTW! Looking forward to his new mega-build.
  8. Hi Tenderfoot, Does that sump fit completely under that stand or were you running it remotely. Guessing the latter based on the pic and external overflow but wanted to check. Killer deal.
  9. Just a quick shout out for the awesome Duncan frag @SuncrestReef looks really healthy and happy. Will try to get the real camera out for a pic... but you know how that goes 😁
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