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  1. albertareef

    ATS grow out contest?

    I think we have a winner by default. That is a lot of algae there Daniel!
  2. albertareef

    WTB Legs for Ocean Revive T247 lights

    Maybe send me that tank you got out there since you are cleaning up anyway... 😄
  3. albertareef

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    Wow - you are killing it there Jeff! Will be another great raffle this year!
  4. albertareef

    29 bio cube w/extras

    Wow - that tank does look super clean! GLWS!
  5. albertareef

    they are back!!!!!

    Congrats on making it through the fallow period and getting your fish back into the tank. I'm sure if felt even longer to them!
  6. albertareef

    Bare bottom option

    I like it! Should provide some really good surface agitation as well. Definitely will be curious to see how it works out long term.
  7. albertareef

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    Why choose right?!
  8. albertareef

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    Now that you mention it... I was just thinking about sending a note to our site admins to see if we could start putting a promo link on our main home page for this. @TheClark @Chief
  9. albertareef

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    Well then, we know how you voted! 🤔
  10. albertareef

    Corals for sale

    I figured that would catch someone's eye - nice looking piece. GLWS.
  11. albertareef

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    I remember plowing through a R2R thread on Redfield Ratio and cyano/dino issues and thought this blurb was in some ways the best distillation - not saying it's correct, just that it laid out a reasonable theory as to how it relates to what we actually see in our tanks. It also would provide the explanation of why Vibrant might work as it is (in theory) introducing a bacterial mix that is particularly good at uptake of nutrients which allows it to outcompete the "nuisance" microbes/algae. It also touches on the interrelated issue of trace elements and how those can affect what might otherwise appear to be a healthy balance. What do you think Brian @pdxmonkeyboy and Taylor @Taylorhardy1 ? Would this seem to fit with your experience? I know you both have done some deep digging in the area. If we are nitrogen limited we are more likely to grow cyanobacteria. We can either reduce the phosphates available to reduce cyano growth or increase nitrogen to allow algae to out compete the cyano. If we are phosphate limited we are more likely to grow dinoflagellates. We can either reduce nitrogen to reduce the amount of dino's growing or add phosphates to allow algae to out compete them. We can use visual clues in our tank to determine if our systems are balanced. If they are balanced and we still have these issues then it is likely we are missing a trace element such as iron or manganese.
  12. albertareef

    tapatalk slow to load

    Interesting. I haven't heard if the admins tweaked something or not. @TheClark
  13. albertareef

    Show me your mushrooms

    Wait a second... I thought you took your frag tank down?
  14. I think the word you are looking for is "poach". 😄 Cool looking tank - GLWS!