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  1. I've got several tennis ball sized turbos you could borrow... they do great with frags.
  2. Good to hear! This would open up some options for placement (although front to back depth would still be a trick).
  3. Research diver eh? That sounds interesting!
  4. Awesome - love that area. Been many years since I was at the aquarium but recall being impressed. Have fun!
  5. Nice to see so much appreciation for and experience with classic muscle cars. My father was not a motor-head so came to cars later in life and hence tend to favor, small (both size and displacement) foreign cars, although never could actually afford what I wanted (XKE). Had Opel GT, Triumph TR6, second gen RX7's (coupe, vert), Audi S4 B5, Saab 9000 Aero, 93 Viggen. Finally got a V8 but it's a Mercedes CLK55 AMG. Worked on all of them myself but never anything as ambitious as a frame off resto... engine swap on an Audi was probably the max. Finally made it out to Forrest Grove for the Concourse this last year which was a blast - talk about a variety of cool and rare vehicles. Also used to make it out to the all British field meet back in the 90's when I had the Triumph. A lot cheaper to look at them than to own them that is for sure!
  6. I am tagging PetVet here so they see this then maybe we can take the discussion off line. @PetVet Thanks! Sorry for the thread jack Lazyreefer!
  7. Oh they are around! Just haven't been looking in the right places 😀 Those look really nice on your new units. Are you planning on having some different options for other mounting orientations or just stick with these for now?
  8. This doesn't even look real... looks like some sort of crazy scoly-chalice hybrid.
  9. Very thoughtful. Looping in our treasurer here re the receipt in case he has any details on that. @Jeremevans
  10. That is pretty impressive... should give Brian a run for his money @pdxmonkeyboy
  11. So just happened to witness a single car double fatality accident on the freeway last night... stay safe out there people!
  12. This right here ^ As for lane splitting - I HATED that as a driver in CA but I understand its appeal to motorcyclists.
  13. Sounds great Bert! Still trying to figure out if I can make it out there this time. Will be bummed if I miss out on whatever Sid has in store for us - always a super fun and informative visit.
  14. I think the smell alone would discourage me from trying this but I bet it would make the neighborhood dogs and cats happy!
  15. Ok - I have to ask why your profile lists Vancouver? I'm pretty sure you can edit that if you need/want to. If not, let us know and we can help out with our editing superpowers 😀 GLWS!
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