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  1. Bummer - was looking forward to seeing what you had planned for that. Definitely interesting dimensions. GLWS!
  2. Nice! Hope that grows out well for you.
  3. Some nice pieces there Brian - looking good!
  4. Is that for the customers or the help? Asking for a friend...
  5. Nice list. I have used SB reef lights successfully for a few years and others on here have as well. It is basically one guy and his wife so you definitely have to take that into account when setting expectations around support and communication but, that said, you are able to get things like replacement parts (diodes) so not impossible. If you do decide to go for a more compact design and controllability (ala the Radions) you should definitely give the ReeFi extremes made by our very own @danlu_gt a look as they are very impressive and competitively priced with Radions. Just a thought. Also, as for Apex integration and choices around that @SuncrestReefis your guy. Also, you can often score some great deals on used equipment on forum if you are patient.
  6. Welcome! Glad you found us. Seahorse is my "neighborhood" store so glad to hear Terry is helping to spread the word - he and Tewsley are great. Seems like you are off to a pretty good start and, if you are an automation kind of person then SuncrestReef would be the person to talk to. You should check out his Apex programming series if you haven't already.
  7. Boring... they don't foam up like beer! Where's the fun in that 😑
  8. Thanks John. I had wanted to post a screen shot of that but couldn’t get it to work for some reason so just tried to point the right direction. Fail.
  9. Sounds like it found a good home 👍
  10. Got to keep it lively you know. I have to admit the case if the missing frags is puzzling. Starting to wonder if Holly’s dogs got carried away. Maybe Scott refused to give them snacks or something. Don’t cross the pups!
  11. Well Brian can’t bag due to his injury so maybe we can put him on security duty instead. @pdxmonkeyboy
  12. Glad you were able to get that sorted! Yeah, probably not good to have to restrict the flow on the pump too aggressively for too long but diverting some to the refugium seems line a good way to help with that as long as you don't create too much turbulence - that can be detrimental to the integrity of the macro algae. In the long run, might be good to downsize your return pump as you suggest. Good luck!
  13. So there looks to be a lot of available available granularity to these settings now - I personally don't have those particular actions set to email notification, just notifications through the site - maybe double check? It's under account settings - other settings - notifications for reference. You probably already did this but just in case...
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