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I won! I won! I won!

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I won! I won! I won! (clap)(drinking)(cheer)(yahoo)(yahoo)(dancing)(dancing)


I won this sweet frag of PNG gold zoas from Unique corals! (drooler)




They posted up the following contest:



OK, chew on this one for a while:


We all have that one life form in our reef that we classify as a "pest"...The one that, despite our best efforts, we can't stop, and can't seem to ever get rid of! To some of us, it's Bryopsis, or perhaps Aiptasia. Or maybe, it's Xenia! Been there-done that, right?


We're curious what YOU consider your biggest "pest"! As they say, one person's "trash" is another person's "treasure", right?


Well, we'd like to hear/see what is considered a "pest" in your reef: The life form that keeps you up at night strategizing what you're going to do to eliminate it...The one that you just can't seem to get rid of! Extra points for originality! Pictures are always a plus, too!


Our crack teem of reef geeks at UC will decide who has the "Top Pest", and the winner will receive one of our popular PNG Zoanthid frags, shipped to their door via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail, for free!


CONTEST ENDS MONDAY, OCTOBER 22 at 12:00PM PACIFIC TIME! We'll announce the winner later that day, right here in this forum!

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Here was my submission:



When I started in the hobby all fresh and brand new

These mushrooms caught my eye with their lovely shade of blue

Oh blue mushrooms you were such a treasure

Watching you grow gave me such pleasure





But space was limited and you didn't like to share

You just kept killing corals you just didn't care

You stung my favia you stung by blue tort

You stung a montipora like it was some kind of sport





I tried to remove you with tweezers and pluck you all out

But you shrunk down and hid and won the first bout

I shot boiling water injections into your core

I may have won that battle but you won the war



I tried removing the rock hoping you would die

But you lived for months in darkness I don't know why


I tried zapping you with electricity but you still wouldn't go

By now It was clear, you were running this show


So I waved the white flag and gave up the fight

And let you live in my tank just please stay on the right





So live on blue mushroom my stubborn little pest


At least I hope to win a frag in this great coral quest

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Congrats (rock2)




That is amazing good job!!! And congrats on the nice zoas!


Thank you. They are shipping them usps priority so it will take at least 2 days. I have heard of people doing that with zoas and having them do fine. Beth and I have never shipped 2 day shipping so I will be interested in seeing how they do because that sure would cut down on the shipping costs.


That is awesome. Scott is a great guy.



He sounds like a great guy. It was a fun idea for a contest! I will post up pictures of the frag when I get it

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That's awesome Kim! That poem was outstanding. It's funny you say this because I have a red mushroom in my tank that came as a hitch hiker. I have injected it with lemon juice and kalk paste. I have also covered it in kalk paste. Well like you know it always comes back. Well at least for me it hasn't grown or killed anything. Congrats on the frag, put me on the list when you frag it up. That's a nice looking morph.

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Thanks John and Kimberlee! I will let them grow out and sure John I will keep you in mind for a frag down the road!


Sent from my BlackBerry 9630 using Tapatalk

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That's great' date=' congrats! At first I thought you might have won the Weekly BRS give away. Some day ill win :p[/quote']


Thanks James. No I didn't win the BRS give away. A member on here has won before though! :)


Awesome! If you ever frag that I want one! The freedom Zoa haha.


Thanks. I'm thinking if it grows out well I will frag some and auction it for TFT :)


(clap) That was a great submission (clap)


Thanks Thomas

hands down the coolest coral poem i have ever heard.my type of humor. thanks for sharing :)


Thanks and you're welcome :)


Any relation to dr. Suess ? That was good stuff ! Congrats !


LOL funny you should say that. I was just telling Beth if the day job didn't work out maybe Dr. Seuss is hiring (laugh)

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thats awesome and those are soooooooooooooooo purdy (drooler) im so glad that i dont like shrooms and hopefully will never get a hitchhiker one i dont think i would go through all that work to get rid of them i would problably just through the rock in the refug and call it good

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I got my frag!


Got my frag in the mail yesterday! It looks great! Almost all of the polyps are open! It's amazing. The zoa was shipped via usps priority mail just in a specimen cup. It was shipped Wednesday and arrived Saturday. The specimen cup broke and so it was only surrounded by wet cotton balls filled with saltwater and on the second day almost all of the polyps are open! Those are some tough little zoas!(clap)(clap) I told Scott from Unique Corals and he offered to ship a replacment frag if they didn't make it. A replacement frag on a free coral! Now that's some good customer service!(clap)(clap)





Here's a top down shot!



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