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Berghia group buy the resurrection!

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So I had tried to do a second group buy for Berghia nudibranchs but it ended up falling through because the guy lost his colony. I don't need them anymore but since I felt badly for the last group buy falling through I thought I would help in arranging this one if there is still interest. This is a great seller with prices that can't be beat and these creatures do an amazing job in cleaning up aiptasia. Let me know if people are still interested and how many they would want and I will get back to him. (rough rule of thumb is about one berghia per 10 gallons of water. The most he can do is 60


trautmann 2 Pay at pickup

Noobtosalt 2 refunded

richmckee 16 refunded

LC Scott 4 refunded

Jeramy 2 refunded

Reefsickness 6 pay at pickup owes 28.50

Mohaynow 10 going to the tank he bought

Haywood 6 have not heard either way

Wegotjs 3 refunded

Sharoleb 5

Hewey Mclovit 4



Here's the most recent pm he sent me with prices:



After a significant period of failure, I'm now doing spectacular with my berghia culture. I could have some for you within the next few weeks if you're still interested.


The berghia will be about 1/2 inch in length,fully matured, and already laying egg strands on a regular basis.

The shipping costis a flat rate of $45


There is a minimum order of 10 berghia


Berghia cost is:

$5 each for 10- 19

$4.50 each for 20-39

$4 each for 40-60

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I'd take 10 or so' date=' but I would need them shipped to me. Not quite sure how they'd do being shipped twice.[/quote']


I could probably figure out how to get them to Breefcase who could get them as far as Eugene or you could just do 10 but you would obviously have to pay shipping yourself and a higher price.


Plus not sure how they would do with my radiant wrasse. Any ideas?


I had that concern too with my Melanarus and Mystery wrasse but he has you put them in the tank at night with the powerheads off and they did fine

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Okay I have everyone down. That would be cool if we could get someone locally to be able to keep them alive. Grassi tried but the biggest problem was having enough aiptasia for them to eat.

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I think I'll look into getting them myself. I guess I'm out:(. I really hate where I live. I want to live in Portlandia:)


No worries John. I wish you lived in Portlandia too. Okay 30 left. Halfway there!

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Do they eat other things if there is no aptasia or is there always aptasia somewhere in thank ?


Thanks for the help


They only eat aiptasia and will eat every last one in the tank. When all the aiptasia are gone you can try taking them out and passing them along. Otherwise they will starve. They also have a fairly short lifespan


I will take two


Ok Marshall I have u down

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