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  1. Good to know. It was very deceiving and stupid expensive for a 36gal with pressboard stand.
  2. The apex isn’t out of the budget if there ever was one because our original budget doubled over night lol. At this point it is what do I need to make this a successful endeavor. My wife ordered the tank and water boxes marketing is awefull. Who labels a system a 60gal and counts a 20gal sump as part of naming for the kit. We are returning it as a 36gal tank is not what we want. on the list is a innovative marine ext75, I have crystal 30 trigger sump new in package I can still return if I choose my other option a mode aquariums 75g infinity.
  3. Also, once salinity is determined to need more water added, how do people measure/know the required amount needed?
  4. This first post will be a regurgitation from my intro post. I should of come here first before buying stuff, but I don’t think I’m headed in a wrong direction. tank specs water box Marine x 60gal with sump, octa reef 150 skimmer, octa reef various 2 pump, pentair 25w uv filter, 2x radion xr15 lights, Helios ptc heater, nero 3 wave pump. going with 60lbs live rock with live sand and I bought a ro/di system so I’ll be making my own salt water. now that I am understanding things better I need to monitor salinity regularly. I see the apex el would be able to monitor this, plus I can return my heater and just buy a titanium element? questions…. Is dowsing the mainstream or will I be fine sending out testing kits and just adding what would be needed? with what I have so far, am I better off with the Milwaukie? Instruments salinity tester? is the apex system reliable enough to run as a stand alone heater? Any input would be appreciated or if I’m forgetting anything. I plan on having an appointment with obsession pdx when I get the tank setup and at my 6 week mark before I start introducing corals and fish.
  5. Do they interact with anemones?
  6. Hello, my wife and I are setting up our first 60 reef tank next week. We plan to cycle for 6 weeks before introducing any fish or corals. I was wondering if you would have a pair of gladiators available around then. I live in Portland area, so it’s not a far drive.
  7. Thank you for the tip. I was thinking 6 months, around that point I will have obsession pdx come out and go over the tank. If it takes 9mo it’s okay
  8. Looks awesome, you have a good assortment of corals!
  9. Yeah, I quickly realized a porcupine puffer was not happening and no tangs with this size of tank.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. We should have everything set up by end of next week. Still waiting on a few things to arrive, then let it run and make sure everything is stable for 6weeks
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