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  1. please put my 11 tickets on the Gyre 2K
  2. The one I build years ago was nothing more than just a plywood box with foam lined inside it and it muffled the noise greatly.
  3. https://soundproofguide.com/diy-generator-quiet-box/
  4. You can also build a cover for the generator to leave it outside and use some sound proof padding inside to keep the noise down. It makes a big difference.
  5. dhnguyen


    BTW this is a much cleaner design and will take up less space in the tank. Just make sure the internal overflow tube is about twice the size of the main drain tube. https://dramaticaquascapes.com/PVC_Overflow_11.html
  6. dhnguyen


    I wouldn't use an airline check valve. IME this will eventually fail and cause a flood. I had to find this out the hard way. Instead just drill the top of the siphon tube and connect an Aqualifter pump and let it run continuously to suck out any air bubbles accumulated. This is similar to how the CPR overflows are configured also.
  7. I would drill it but personally I wouldn't drill the bottom. Those internal overflows take up way too much tank real estate IMO. Why not use a slim overflow instead?
  8. I used to use Krylon Fusion paint to paint the putty used to hold my rocks together. Once dry it is inert in SW.
  9. dhnguyen


    That looks great. Have you tried that Marco mortar? I heard it's suppose to be really good for building rock structure. Supposedly the mortar is stronger than even the rocks themselves. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/e-marco-400-aquascaping-morter-complete-kit-grey-marco-rocks.html I might try this when I build mine.
  10. It looks interesting. What sort of media is used? It looks like some sort of the filter paper found in AC units.
  11. Speaking of crap butter. Here's a yummy spread http://home.wavecable.com/~jrowe/neck turd.jpg
  12. New skimmer (por any new equipment really) often have traces of oil from the manufacturing process that could cause this. I usually run mine out of the tank for at least 48hrs
  13. Ok I'll be honest. I have never heard of a roller mat sump. Granted I took a decade long break from the hobby so I might be a bit out of touch with the latest and greatest. Is this suppose to replace filter socks?
  14. By the way... This was the photo that RC mods found so offensive and family unfriendly LOL
  15. LOL Actually it wasn't all that exciting. The reason the RC mod gave me was that my avatar (a photo of my then young son picking his nose) which I had for years was offensive and not inline with their family friendly policies. But I suspect that the real reason was because I had been pretty critical of certain vendors/sponsors on RC as to their product designs and apparently RC didn't like that as I've gotten a few PM's from their mods warning me. So when the mod messaged me saying I need to remove my son's photo as my avatar or risk being suspended I pretty told him that R
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