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  1. I figured out I don't want to use this for the 60 cube. All leds are lit and not burnt out. It has little salt creep from previous owner. Not perfect but the light looks great. Probably be great for frag tank or whatever you need. Trying to upgrade to a Hydra 52. Location in Battle Ground cash is king! PM Me $150 .Set screws work as they should along with the mount sliders.
  2. I have a 20h still got cardboard on it. Small frag of toad stool or cash which ever.
  3. I have heard you don't want to go over a hundred on uv. I don't blast mine so hopefully it won't be an issue. Love my Hydra 26 through.
  4. Yeah been looking at that but would have to plug the holes. It would open it up for sure with back overflow. Seen some mixed reviews on some of the overflows though.
  5. Been kicking around another idea with drilling. Has anyone put a valve to drain the overflow camber for water changes? I thought that's got to be a four or five gallons. Just trying to think of easy way to turn valve and fill 5 gl bucket. Then maybe pump it back into the sump?
  6. Here is the one my son and I put together with some help from locals.😎. 20 long AIO we built. Just picked up a 60 cube that we will jump start in the spring. Been up for about a year.
  7. We're going to pull the backing off and paint it anyway. Trying to visualize it.
  8. I also thought about taking the corner overflow out entirely but that might be a bit of work. I see what you're saying about the return coming through the back.
  9. So where you located hopefully local?
  10. The Herbie is the one I was thinking. Still trying to get through 75 pages on RC. So I would assume the bottom is not tempered. The only other problem I see is the base needs to be notched. Yes little nervous because there are two already there. 😬
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