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  1. Ya so like I said....lesson learned.
  2. No it was 100% different...i mean it was a torch but not the one I paid for so just different than pictures. I was offered a refund if I shipped the coral back....im not a vendor and can't guarantee it will arrive back alive....Rudy said if it was dead he wouldn't refund. After I said I doubted him he said he doubted me.... I won't go into details but I won't be doing buisness with Rudy again and I would advise looking at what you get from him in person before you buy it.
  3. After our pm's I don’t feel confident dealing with you any further. And I'm sure you feel the same. Lesson learned as a consumer...mods feel free to close.
  4. Thanks Blue Z, unfortunately you are right that its more about what I paid for vs. what I got. I asked Rudy a lot of questions about lights and filters before so I could get a good idea of what I was buying. I even offered to make the 4 hour drive to his shop to see it but was declined as its only for pickups on Saturdays between a certain time and not a full time shop. We have made the drive from whidbey Island for cuttlefish and a couple other members here when we swapped/bought corals. We are in it for the long haul hahah You hit the nail on the head about buying in person....I just got mesmerized lol Thanks Rudy will do...please send me the shipping label like you said you would and I will ship it in the same stuff you shipped it in. I dont ship corals so is this going to be my fault if it arrives dead to you?
  5. How are they so different under almost the same lights? Rudy uses radion blues and I use g4 xr30s on all blues and 0-10%whites. Any help would be appreciated
  6. let me start by saying this torch was recieved a little out of what I'm used to and I was a bit stressed when it arrived....memebers here and Rudy helped me calm a bit and the torch eventually opened. Now I need a little help with the lights as these do not look like the same torch....at all. Rudy says he uses radion blues for his pictures and doesn't saturate or use any filters. I use radion xr30 g4s on all blues and 0 to 10% whites. I can not see the same torch.... Ya I know I'm that 1 guy that complains when I buy a $300 coral.... I have about 25 euphyllia and 15 other torches in my tank that vary from 24k holy grail to plain green with pink tips and all the dragon soul and hell fires and rainbows as well as aussie golds and aussi sweet tooth and a master torch for fun....im a torch addict!!! I would just like to find out how to get colors close to what I paid for if im using basically the same lights....yes I know the radion g5 blues are not exactly the xr30 g4 pros but they are close enough to get a proper representation of coral colors. I'm sorry if I am upsetting anyone and if anyone thinks I am in the wrong. Please try to look at it from my position.
  7. Nice start! Can't wait to see it full!!!
  8. Thanks for the support guys. It opened up and is alive which I'm very happy about that. Here it is opened....looks a little different than the pic but I'm sure rudy will help me dial the lights in.
  9. Thanks for noticing that, ya noticed that also and calmed a little bit for sure 👍 Letting it get acclimated for sure.
  10. I appreciate the optimistic point of view and I am also leaning that way! As we all know things happen and this is by no means an attack on Rudy and I hope it doesn't come off like that... but it just sucks for us all....I hope it does come back...60deg is cold for corals 🥶....my optomistic fingers crossed! Rudy is a great guy and this is part of the hobby.
  11. this torch came from golden basket and Im trting to get a hold of them but my messages seem to only send 3 pics at a time so I'm hoping to add to them here. Torch came in this morning and was shipped with no heat pack and temped at 62deg. It looks like its dead or dying and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it can make it. I can only load 3 pics
  12. Welcome to the group! Can't wait to see a pic of your tank when its full!
  13. We are still super new to them as well so this really is a learning curve! When ever we make our next trip to Portland I'll fill a bag of asternias up for you!!
  14. Technically yes....but you need to watch them and see how fast they feed on it. You could have a couple little fatties and go through 2 or 3 a month. Is it over feeding...probably but all the research i find says to feed them if they will eat...so i just keep dropping them in lol On a side note ours do eat frozen as during the start of the pandemic stars were hard to get and we had to freeze a couple. We crossed our fingers and to our surprise they ate them....so we just keep 1 cut up in the freezer just in case.
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