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  1. Looking to add a second tank. Would love a lagoon style but will look at all. Would like it to be as complete as possible.
  2. Is there any rule as to how quickly you can claim? Do you have to wait until the price is given?
  3. Skimmer is brand new. I opened the box but never used it. I already had the same skimmer and this one came with my waterbox when I ordered after Thanksgiving. Would consider partial trade for nice LPS coral. $300
  4. Can you send me some pics? especially the chipped corner.

    1. Mesamech


      Im sorry this is the one with the chip in the bottom, I dont think I want to risk this one 

  5. I have a reefer 170 for sale. I've had it about 2 years but it sat in a box for 6 months. Black stand. I just moved and while moving it got a small chip in the very bottom corner. Water tested for 2 weeks and no problems. Will also include a DC return pump. $550. Also have a Nyos 120 skimmer we can discuss if interested. This is about 8 months old and is in perfect condition. Pictures available of all on request.
  6. I need a stand for a 36x24 tank. Anyone down that way build these things?
  7. Looking for a frag pack. Would love to find superman monti, grape juice, tierra del fuego and SSC. Open to any offers. Would prefer shipping to Seattle area.
  8. I'm in the PDX area Wednesday and I'm looking for an SPS frag pack. Lps is good as well. Please let me know what's out there!
  9. Standard 60 gallon cube 24x24
  10. The only thing I can figure is the stand looks weird in the picture. I built it bigger then needed for extra space for a bigger sump and to keep everything concealed.
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