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175W bulbs


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I have purchased a 36" duel 175w SE fixture with 2 96w PC. I need to replace the 175w bulbs.


This will be going on a 40breeder reef tank. I want to be able to grow anything, dont want lack of light to limit my choices. I dont know much about pars, colors or what brands are best. I dont even know what I like, although blue is what I think I like.


If you all have any pictures that could show me the difference that would be great.

Also any and all opinions are welcome. I have probably 2 months before this fixture is needed. A couple weeks setting up the tank and 4-8 weeks cycling the dead rock.


Thank you all in advance for any pictures and or opinions

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If you want you can check out the post for my 20 gallon setup we have in our conference room: Coast Guard Conference Room. We don't have the PC's but if you scroll through the thread and see the most recent pics it will give you an idea of our 175 watt XM 20K bulb. The early pics we were running a 10K so that will give you color perspective. I would personally go with the 20K, the blue makes the colors pop! (rock2) Hope this helps.

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You guys are killing me. Just when I think ive made up my mind you throw a curve ball at me and I am sitting on a fastball. I dont even know what kind of ballest I have, but I will by the morning.


The more I learn the stupier I become. What I mean is the more I do learn, the more I learn about things I know nothing about.


Krux, thanks for the pictures. I think I still owe you a burger and a beer?

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Like we were talking about skimmers there are a lot of options out there. I would suggest that you try the MH bulbs that are currently in the fixture with actinic supplementation. The actinics are VHOs not PC. Currently the MH bulbs are 10k and the VHOs are a 10k and an actinic but you do have the extra actinic bulb that you can use in place of the 10k bulb.


The MH ballasts in the ballast box are just a standard pulse start ballast and should run any 175 watt mogul base bulb.

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personally I just pulled my 175's out of my 150 gallon and added 400's. With that being said, the 400 watt ballast and sockets were given to me and I added them knowing the risk of bleaching and a hot tank. If it weren't for my tank being 25 inches deep, I would have never pulled the 175's. I like the iwasaki 15K bulb. From what I could find, there are only 12 or 13 250 watt bulbs on the market that throw out more par. They are pretty white though so actinic is a good thing.

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