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SquidHC's 125g Peninsula!!!


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When I started shopping for this tank I was looking to downgrade from my 2x2x4 125g. I was looking for a used 2x2x2 rimless glass cube. I had been shopping around with no real luck. Then I came across a 72"x18"x20" AGA on on here for $100. I thought it would make a great sump so I brought it home. It fit behind my couch perfectly and I decided then it was going to be my new peninsula display.



I also picked up a used AGA 55g to use as a sump. Since I had so many issues with my refugium on my old tank I decided to go without this time so a 55 was a good size for me. I purchased a sheet of 1/4" acrylic from home depot and cut to size. I split the tank in half with bubble baffles using silicone to secure them in place.


I picked up a Octopus 3000 recirculating skimmer from Coral Reef Pet Center. It barely fit, but it worked out. I also added two phosban reactors (1 for phosban and one for carbon).



I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for a stand. Being a finish carpenter I have all the tools I needed to get the project done. I went to my local lumber store and bought some kiln dried grade +++ 2x4's and two sheets of plywood.



To finish it off I busted out the ol sewing skills and purchased 6 yards of burlap. I made a slip to fit the stand. This actualy turned out extra nice because it allows a ton of airflow into the sump. I have the material sitting here to do the hood too, but Im just lazy.



For the hood, I just used some 1/2" plywood I had laying around. I used VHO setup with 4x 48" bulbs and a duel 250w MH retrofit kit. I also added six LED moonlights. Im running 2x 250w XM 20,000k, 2x VHO Super Atinics, 1x VHO daylight, 1x VHO 50/50. Who needs reflectors when theres white spray paint!



As far as plumbing goes, I kept it simple. The tank was not set up with overflows so I had to drill the tank myself. This is fairly easy to do because the larger the tank, the thicker the glass. Just don't drill the bottom cause its tempered. I borrowed the two bits I needed from Seahorse and went for it, thanks Isaac! Took me about two hours, a can of plumbers putty and a jug of anti freeze. For my overflow, I drilled a 1 3/4" hole near the bottom, and for my return I drilled a 1 1/4". I also used a piece of 4" i.d. ABS pipe for an overflow. I purchased two bulkheads, some flex hose, a check valve and gate valve for my return line, and a Octopus 3000 pump to use as a return. My only regret is not making the overflow larger. The way it is now there isn't enough room to add a durso standpipe so it occasionaly makes a gurgling sound. All in all works well and looks clean.



For circulation I added two Hydor Koralia 4's modded with the "Sure Flow" Maxi Jet magnets and large impellers. 4,000+ GPH flow in my display, not too shabby.





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