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October Meeting


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The October 2008 PNWMAS Meeting will be at the home of David Durr - Sunday, October 19th.

Meeting Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


5413 N.E. 62nd Ave.

Vancouver, WA 98661


Meeting will feature Dave's clownfish breeding fishroom aka "The Clownhouse".(fish)


Special Guest Speaker will be Randy Reed of Reed Mariculture



Evites to be sent out later today!

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So' date=' whos all going to this shindig?[/quote']


Looking at the updated Evite for the October 2008 PNWMAS Meeting, it looks like at least 17 will be attending, and 2 undecided. Another evite is automatically sent out the day before an event, so there should be a few more responses then!


If anyone is not receiving Evites, and would like to receive notifications of PNWMAS meetings and events, send me your e-mail address in a PM, and I will and you to the Evite list.

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Sounds good i'll be bringing an ice chest!! Anyone else?? I'm gonna bring a torch, leathers, polyps, elegance, favia, pagoda cup,some sps and some assorted shrooms!! And if no one wants to trade i'll be selling them for dirt cheap!!


John- do you know if randy is going to bring any product with him for us to purchase??

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October's Meeting


I just wanted to thank Dave for opening his house and to Randy Reed for that great presentation, it was very informative. I have only been to a few meetings in the past but I am hoping to start attending more. Since I didn't win any of the raffle prizes I had to make a stop and visit one of our sponsors and make a purchase. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

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Great pics John! I had a lot of fun as well...and it was great meeting a few new folk along with seeing some of the ol' folk LOL! I am working on a video now...I will let you know when and how I can get it to you!


Thanks again Dave and Kim...the house, the clown house...priceless. Also, tons of kuddos to Randy Reed. He was very professional and I look forward to using the entire line!



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