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A big Thank You to Jason at Coral Reef Pet Center


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Thank you again Jason.


Your store looked amazing as always. The lecture on Clams went better than I expected. I'm not sure who was BBQing in front of the shop, but he did a great job also.


Thanks to everyone who came. I thought is was one of our better meetings.



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Thanks for the love everybody. I'm glad everyone had a good time. The chef out front on the grill was my bro Otis. That guy would grill all day long if he could. And even better yet, the food taste good too! I would also like to let you guys know a big part of the reason why the shop looks as good as it does is because of my friend Mark. That guy comes into the shop, unpaid by the way, and just flat out gets things done. He is great with the customers and the guy has ethics that go beyond a regular person. I will never be able to thank him enough and i look forward to the day that i can repay him. If you read this Mark, thank you again for everything you have done and continue to do.


Sincerely, Jason


P.S. Hey Mike, those are called a Borbonius Anthias.

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He said they were Japanese deepwater anthias. This is what they look like.




Yeah thats a descent picture of them too. HOLY CRAP!!! $349.00!!!!!


Jason just beat you to the punch. And thanks again Jason!! (clap)(clap)

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I would also like to thank Jason at Coral Reef Pet Center for hosting then Feb meeting. I am a new member as of this month. I desided that I will make it a goal of mine to learn and study this hobby. My interest is to learn from the vast knowledge and expereience that is out there in this hobby and in our club. I hope to better myself and to help others getting started in the hobby with what I have learned.


Jay, it was nice to meet you, and John sorry that we did not get the opportunity to meet and to also here about the ole Cavalier, may she finally R.I.P.


Thank you for having this club, and thank you to all of our sponsors for everything that they do for us.


And Jason, you have a store to be very proud of, it is worth the drive.





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