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  1. I am looking for some Acropora pieces preferably Millepora that are bigger than just little frags. Let me know what you have and I have cash in hand. Thank you! Sincerely, J
  2. So I am looking for various corals that are at least the size of a baseball. Would love some zoos and honestly anything that is healthy and pest free. Let me know what you have. Thank you. Sincerely, J
  3. Added photo. Would also consider trades for corals. Would be after Zoo’s and mushrooms. Thank you
  4. Good afternoon. Before I throw these on Ebay, I thought I would put them up on here first. I have (4) Rossmont 4100 Movers and (2) Rossmont Wavers that are less than a month old. I put them on a clients tank and they did not like the appearance of them inside the tank. So, here we are. These things move an insane amount of water! They are controlled through an app on your phone and easy to setup. You can buy these on Amazon right now for $329.95. I will sell each one of the sets for $200. And just so everyone is on the same page, a set would be (1) Waver and (2) Mover 4100's. Let me know if yo
  5. Anyone want to do any trading? I can't believe someone can't use this stuff. Just the VHO bulbs alone would be over $100
  6. Also the halide bulbs and PC bulbs in the fixture are old. I was just keeping them to show people the ballast works fine.
  7. Let's try this again. I found more stuff to add to the list. Alright, cleaning the garage and this is what I need to get rid of : (1) PFO 400 watt dual metal halide ballast (2) PFO 400 watt single metal halide ballast (1) PFO 400 watt HQI single metal halide ballast (2) PFO 96 watt PC dual ballast (1) PFO 48" VHO 4-bulb ballast (1) Precision Marine skimmer collection cup (4) 46.5" URI VHO Super Actinic bulbs (brand new) (1) PFO 78" Pendant with sockets for (4) Mogul base metal halide sockets & (4) 96 watt square pin PC sockets. (1) PFO Met
  8. Yes it is. I apologize for the delay, I did not receive any notification that someone had responded to the post
  9. Do they offer a canopy for this one? Thanks
  10. Sand is gone. How about $100 for all of the other items? You can't even buy those VHO bulbs for that at wholesale pricing
  11. Anyone? That’s fricking cheap. How about $125
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