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Corals & More - Tank Transfer Sale

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Hello Everyone!


We are in the beginning stages of a tank transfer from our 200G Custom Peninsula to a new system and we need to reduce our livestock prior to the move.

As a side note, if anyone is in the market for an upgrade or a new large tank feel free to PM me for an incredible deal on a beautiful custom built tank and stand. 

The following is a list of coral that we have either as frags or ready-to-cut colonies for sale or possibly trade:

- (2) GB Blue Thunder Chunky Frags ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Oregon Tort ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Green Fuzzy Acro ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) ARC Magic Dragon ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Pink Millepora ($30)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Birds of Paradise Birdsnest ($10)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Gold Branching Hammer ($25/Head)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Pink Branching Hammer ($30/Head)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Purple Branching Hammer ($20/Head)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Forest Fire Montipora Digitata ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Contraband Grafted Montipora Digitata ($50)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Sunfire Montipora Cap ($15)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Green Montipora Cap ($5)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Sunfire Grafted Montipora Cap ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Pink Scrolling Montipora Cap ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) ASD Rainbow Phoenix Montipora ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Neon Green Toadstool Leather ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) King Midas Zoanthids ($10)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Mixed Zoanthids (Varries)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Milka Stylo ($5)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Neon Green Stylo ($10)

- (Cut-to-Order) Todds Torch ($40)

- (Cut-to-Order) Dragon Soul Torch ($40)

- Juggernaut Bounce Mushroom ($100)

- Tequila Sunrise Mushroom ($75)


All prices are completely open for negotiation and package deals are encouraged! Frags will be cut with bone cutters. 


Thanks for looking and happy reefing all! 










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I would tike these.  I'll figure out how to message you on here...


   GB Blue Thunder Chunky Frag ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) Oregon Tort ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order Mini Colony) ASD Rainbow Phoenix Montipora ($20)

- (Cut-to-Order) Todds Torch ($40)

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to drop a note here to say I have a working list on a few of the first come-first serve frags (Blue Thunder, & Torches). I am likely going to be available tomorrow afternoon to schedule some drop-ins. I will keep everyone posted via DM's once I confirm my schedule.


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Great stuff here! @SE PDX Reefer let me know about the tank after this is all taken and for the transfer. Considering a different display for the SPS grow out system. 

…and if anyone is still interested in getting frags of Blue Thunder after SE PDX has moved all his; I have tons I can cut from my 3 colonies.  

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