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RedSea 170

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This tank was used when I got it. It’s currently up and running and won’t be broken down til late next month. (Currently waiting for a tank I just ordered last night which is back ordered til end of May) 

Long of the Short…Tank has some scratches ,Sump ,Pump Mesh Screen, Skimmer, and Sand for 299.99 USD.  
Might toss in most of the LR (we will see) 






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2 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:

Sweet setup

Indeed this was going to be Sirena’s future seahorse tank until she realized she loves seahorses but doesn’t have time for the maintenance. Chris did a nice job cleaning it up and fixing up the stand. 

Perfect Seahorse tank!

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Posted (edited)

Open to Offers 

Open to Coral Trades…Maybe even fish trades as well. 


Like Kim said it would be a perfect Seahorse tank or even a QT tank.  

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