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Meet And Greet Besides Monthly Meeting


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I am new to the club, and I would like to know if members would be interested in a possible "meet and greet". (scratch) An opportunity for new members to get together for coffee, or soft drink to get more active in person, instead of online and monthly meeting that some members may no always be able to attend.


Would anyone be willing to kick this idea around? (laugh) What is we did a monthly pizza (drooler) get together, or pick a place that could serve a group of maybe 10-40 members. Or maybe get together for breakfast (drooler) in a different city each time. (drooler) (drooler)


I know from first hand experience that being a family guy, I don't take the time for me. I would be willing to be the first to invite members to a meet and greet if that is what it would take to get it started. (clap) (plotting)


I live near I-5 close to Albany, and I would be willing to contact a place that I know would be able to seat a group of about 50 in a private room. This would not be a meeting, it could be a meet and greet as well as a way for members to trade, swap, sell, or buy, as well as share ideas and help new members with questions or help solve problems. (scratch)


Hey, :eek: just let me know, you can send me a PM with your thoughts.





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This is a good idea, but I don't know how often I would be able to attend. Personally my schedule is full as it is (I have two teenage kids here... No more needed to be said.)


I would attend if there was one closer to my home, and nothing else on the family schedule.



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I think that's good idea. I'm new to this money pit hobby too. Still struggling to get the right flow and lighting to maintain acroporas and SPS. I'm still learning and spending too much time already with the tank. Albany is too far to go. Perhaps meeting in Portland... Let's see how many people are interested in this concept.

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I think splitting into "cohorts" may not be a bad idea either. Maybe not everyone can meet in Albany or Portland, but the different regions could get together as they plan. In other words, have a Southern and Northern Cohort with separate meet and greets. Just having it in Portland will once again isolate those who can't go to the monthly meetings either.

Does that make sense?

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I am happy to see that someone has an interest in a "GET TOGETHER" other then the monthly meeting. This is not an attempt to take away form the meeting, it is nothing more then to bring people together to be with other hobbiest in your own area and surrounding areas. I am new the is hobby and feel that Portland has many members to work together, where others outside the Portland area are "kinda left to themselves" looking for mentoring from someone living closer.


We have the most interesting hobby out there, and it may be lost in parts of our state if we don't hang together and help one another out more.


Here is something that I would like to propose. I would like for everyone that is interested in something like this to look for the posting "GET TOGETHER IN YOUR AREA" and post your city, or nearest large city to you. Then, members could pair up accordingly. This would be an easy way to see who is nearest to you.


It would not ever be closed to just members in your area, it would be to bring people in your area together for many reasons. just to name a few.


1. Need a close montor for help.


2. Need someone close to check-in when your away.


3. Start a small group project


4. Work closer with your local shop to improve it to better the hobby.


5. Compete with other areas in group projects.


6. Get sponorship from your local shop for projects.


This is just my idea as a way to bring people that are like minded together, and montor, and bring new members in your area to join in fun that this hobby has to offer.


If you are interested and you like in the Albany/Corvallis + Salem and surrounding areas and would like to get together PM me, or look for "GET TOGETHER IN YOUR AREA"


Thank for listening.



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The Beanery & Allan Bros. Coffee Roaters

1852 Fescue St SE

Albany, OR 97322-7075

(541) 812-2500


Yaquina Bay Restaurant

(541) 967-8420

325 Airport Rd SE Albany, OR 97322-4505


Denny's Resturant (If you have kids that will be come)

3430 S.E. Spicer Rd.

Albany, Oregon




All 3 of these locations are I-5 friendly, with easy on and off.


Let's get a head count of those that are willing to attend, as well as a count of those willing to at the next "Meet And Greet".


Denny's is small and very busy, The Beanery in just down the street, you can see it on the east side of I-5 just before the exit. Uquina Bay Resturant is much larger with two private rooms with great breakfast specials for under $7.00 if your not eating steak...LOL.


Let's get a head count and see where we need to start at, and we can always move to a larger location later if need be.


The Beanery will hold about 15-20, and we could make it a very busy place. This is a great coffee and fresh baked good shop that is the Oregon State Police second office...LOL it is was good, but many be on the $$$ side if your a big eater or coffee drinker.


I am open and willing to set it up, let's get a head count and I will make the call ASAP. We could plan on Feb. 9th @ around 8 or 9 AM.






"Mean Face Daddy"

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Any ideas on time, I would be open to, and Saturday or Sunday is fine. I am just wanting to get something started sooner then later. What I have posted is my idea, and not what is being set-up.


At this time it is just in the planning stage, however, I am looking to meet the weekend of the 9th of Feb, and just doing a trial run of "MEET AND GREET" to see how it goes.


Please post your ideas of days, be it Saturday or Sunday, and lets poll the hour to start


Morning Afternoon I am figuring that we may meet for approx 2 hours, so please choose a

9 AM 1 PM time that best fits a schedule and time frame that works for most.

10 AM 2 PM

11 AM



One other idea is PAPA'S PIZZA in Corvallis, it is large with an indoor play area for those of you that have children. We could do this a just members, or members and families at times. My hope is to start with the best location to get the most numbers to attend. We can always change it, time, location, day of week. Another thing, we may not all be able to attend the first time, that's okay, there will be more.


If the interest is large enough, we will be looking for a larger place to meet, therefore, we may opt to do afternoons or evening, whatever works is great. I am planning to do both mornings and afternoons and evenings to fit everyone in that wants to attend, each like will be a different time of day.


I want to meet anyone that is interested, no matter what work shift or family conflict you may have. Please just reply to this posting and we will take the numbers that we can get for now, and plan the next one for another time of day and location if need be.





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10 to 2 is a good time. Sunday is better for us. As the weather warms up we could have a BBQ's potluck style at a local park or someones house. So far the choices are Denny's, Papa's Pizza in Corvallis, Beanery Coffee,Yaquina Bay. Any of these would work for us. Elmer's in Albany might be good too.

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I am open to all of the above, we do not yret have a head count of attendies for the first one, and I hate to not have enough seating, with a surprise in numbers.


I have tried to rally numbers, but it is looking kinda slim. I would like to not look funny sitting their by myself guy's and gals, lets get some numbers here. With church on Sunday places to meet may be busy. I am still very open, lets just do it.


Okay, here is the deal, I will call and get a place set up on sunday afternoon for next Sunday, Feb 10th at 11:00 AM. If this works for anyone anywhere that gets this message. Please reply by Sunday the 3rd of Feb, with the number in your party that you have invited and the call will be made for Feb 10th at 11:00 AM. When I get numbers, I will know which place to call and reserve tables or a room to meet in, it will be at one of the resturants that I listed before.





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Albany/Corvallis/Salem Area "Meet And Greet"


For those interested in meeting in these cities and surroundind areas here is the location of our first of many to come.


Elmers Resturant

2802 Santiam Hwy SE Albany, OR 97322-5253

(541) 928-4227


This is the first of many opportunitis to meet, I am looking for members that are willing to meet and strengthen our local member support.





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RE: Next "Meet And Greet"


I have not as you yet planned one. I would like a few more to attend, so my question is, what time of day would we get the best numbers to attend?


One idea is to do it in shifts so that day shift, swing shift, and grave yard could attend. I was thinking of reserving a party room at Papas Pizza, for pizza and beer/soft drinks. This is a great location because of the large indoor kids play area.


I need to know if there is a way to select members from a geographic area, like anyone outside of the Portland area. Like the Eugene area, Salem area to meet here at Pappa's. My goal is 10-20 members to attend, kids are welcome. If you know of a way to do this please let me know. This would be a good idea to do with the club site. I would like to see a directory broken down into areas for quick reference, what is your idea of that?


I will plan to post something after the meeting at Jasons tomorrow. It would be a good time to announce this interest to meet in geographic areas to get more interest.


Thanks Brandy, hope to see you at Jasons


Kevin (laugh)

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We have already had a couple of Meet & Greets In Tigard here. A few of us showed up a couple of weeks ago, and had a great time. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6583

No playground at the pub, but there's a McDonalds with an indoor one right next door. (daz):D


I feel that we need to have a Meet & Greet every month, especially when our regular meetings are events such as the Tank Tour in July. If anyone has suggestions of other locations for Meet & Greets in their area, please post them!

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I am new to salt, but would like to meet with others. I also have a friend here in Jefferson that has recently set up a 90 gallon tank in salt. The local Denny's hasn't been totally impressive but the location is great. Do like a Saturday at about 10 AM? Let me know.

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I am new to salt' date=' but would like to meet with others. I also have a friend here in Jefferson that has recently set up a 90 gallon tank in salt. The local Denny's hasn't been totally impressive but the location is great. Do like a Saturday at about 10 AM? Let me know.[/quote']


Welcome to the hobby and the PNWMAS Forum! I wasn't sure where Jefferson was, but after checking Mapquest I see that you are about 20 miles south of Salem.

If you would like to receive notifications of PNWMAS events and our regular monthly meetings, sent me your e-mail address in a PM, and you will be added to the Evite list.

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