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Does anyone in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area know where I can buy a 1” pipe adapter to barb?

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I have an eshops pf-1200 and I recently busted my PVC plumbing open all the way up vertically so I have to replace it. 

I’m currently thinking about using hoses over PVC using the threaded ends under the box. Would you recommend using hoses? Are there are local places that have this adapter piece? 

The Lowe’s and homedepot app show that they don’t have any of these adapters 

so I’m not sure where to look locally. 

thank you!

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5 hours ago, islandVib3s said:

I actually just got 2 of these with my new aquarium.  I would trade them if you have a 1in gate valve to spare.im in Vancouver WA near the mall.16737413608845141999293757654924.jpg

Are those pvc or abs?

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Fyi, I've talked with Leonardo and I've got the parts he needs, however, he's trying to plumb from a HOB overflow. I offered to give him a drill style overflow and even drill it for him.  I found the overflow in my parts bin and it's ready for him.   I think we can call off the dogs on this post for now.  I'm going to help him get a reliable overflow or give him one of my drilled 40b's.  If we run into supply or parts issues, maybe I'll reach out on this post. :). Community to the rescue on this one.

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