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FS: Large SPS colonies


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Anyone interested in some large sps colonies? I have some colonies taking over my tank and they need to go.

Myagi tort. About 12” across. $279

Forest fire $175

Goblin anacropora $100 I’ll do my best to keep in large colony when I’ll remove it  

RP Radiant Horizon $150 (Right next to the Goblin anacropora) 

There are many others corals I can definitely frag upon request!! 



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On 11/17/2022 at 6:44 PM, Kerbash said:

haha, unfortunately out of reefing budget for this month, any advice for growing the tort? High light high flow?

I have anywhere from 550 to 600 par at the base of the corals. I didn't check how much par it is at the top but it must be a lot. also good flow is a must. I run 4 Nero 5s in there plus return pump. 

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11 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:

This man grows SPS like crazy.  I picked up one of his frag packs earlier, and they're all going strong.

Thanks David, I'm glad you're happy with the corals you got from me.

I'll do another frag pack soon. I need room for the frags though. 🤔 

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