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Tank raised bengai cardinals

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I have some available. I purchased 2 clutches a couple months ago and they're about ready to go. Raised on live brine shrimp but have been throwing flakes and dry,pellets also. They're about a inch. 1 for $30,2 for $55,3 for $80. I have about 20 of them. In Vancouver wa.  Might be open to trades.20220329_185601.jpg20220329_185608.jpg

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1 hour ago, islandVib3s said:

Those are nice. If I didn't have a problem with nems melting I would consider it. Idk why,im thinking its the high alk from reef crystals.  Thx for the offer

I'm running at 10dkh and have no shortage of them. That being said these are living creatures haha.

I have a Sunkist bounce if you'd rather? I'd like to secure 3-5.



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