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WTS- Tank and all equipment. Red Sea 425xl


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Hey shutting down my RedSea 425xl. Other things in life taking my time and it's been a good run but unfortunately this is for the best. 

Selling tank and all equipment and have lots of other things to go through. Tank and all equipment is in good running condition. 

Located in Lafayette, OR.  No Shipping 

PM me for anything you want or offers. 

List of equipment-

Full setup with tank and all equipment listed below plus all other equipment and RODI filtering system with full water mixing station-  $4,000. Full package

Part out Prices. 

Red Sea Reefer 425xl- Included is Tank, stand, sump, tank net top.   $1200

Tunze ATO 3155.  $120

Neptune DOS.  $200

Neptune DOS & DDR $300

ApexEL Controller with new EB8 and 2x older EB8's/ VDM module.  $350

Neptune Trident.  $400

Neptune Auto Feeder. $40

Hanna Alk/ and Phos checkers. $20 each

Radion XR15 x2. $250 each. Aquatic Life 48" hybrid T5HO $175- or all for $650. prefer to sell together- also have multi light RMS Track for Radions. $25

Kessil H160 Algae Grow with gooseneck mount $130 Sold

20 gallon tank with drilled in overflow used as refugium. $60

Vectra M1 Pump - $200

 MP40 QD $200 Sold  ,  MP40 non-QD $150

Back up battery for Ecotech Pumps - Deep cycle RV battery and trickle charger - $50 Sold

4x - x1 Bluetooth MicroPump - $25 each 

BRS GFO/Carbon Reactor $20

Skimz SN143 Monzter skimmer . $90

HMO 300W Finnex Heater $15

500W Finnex titanium heating unit $15

Pukani Live Rock/ Tonga Live rock $100







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41 minutes ago, The ReefBox said:

I guess he doesn’t respond to his posts or doesn’t get notifications maybe 

It’s possible. Who knows man. I personally expect to see messages and check my posts when I’m posting something. 

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