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  1. Thanks for the reply...I did just that and the GSP seem to be opening up again...still waiting for the others though. Thanks again
  2. Two days ago I was trying to setup a auto-fish feeder and it dumped way too much food (pellets). The next day there was a white cloud in the tank and the GSP, kenya tree, Pipe Organs and toadstools all closed up tight. Yesterday I did a 10 gal water change (RSM 250) and did some testing with the following results: - Nitrate = 0 - Nitrite = 0.25 - Ammonia = 0.25 - Phosphate = 0.25 - Alkalinity = 9.6 - Salinity = 1.026 The white cloud has since cleared up, but those 4 corals have stayed closed (the zoas, hammers, acan, mushrooms, blasto, kaleidoscope polyps, and ricordea all seem to be unaffected). Was this just a bacteria bloom that has to run its course, or is there something else I should do or be worried about? TIA for your help!
  3. Yikes.... So sorry for the delay, I didn't get an alert that you replied and just happened to check the post to see if maybe I screwed something up with it lol! Any chance you still have it available, and if so, does it have everything it needs already (i.e pump), or will it need anything other than the hoses? Thanks!
  4. Mine seems to be doing the same.....thanks for confirming!
  5. I've had the blenny in quarantine since I picked him up at Cuttlefish on Sunday. I noticed a white spot on the left side of his face, but it comes and goes, so am I correct to assume that it's not a parasite or ick or anything? I don't want to add copper into the tank unless absolutely necessary, just wanted to double check if this disappearing spot is normal for blennies....thanks!
  6. Interested....checking with the wife then I'll get back to you. Any chance of separating, or is it all-or-nothing?
  7. Anyone have a chiller they want to sell? Need something that will work on a RSM250 (66 gal). Thanks!
  8. Hi Jeff, I wouldn't mind having a look at whatever softies you have left....is sometime today good for you? Let me know...thanks! John
  9. In search of a 5 gallon tank if anyone has one they're looking to get rid of.... Thanks!
  10. From what I've researched so far, most run 10-20% white light, and the rest is blue (10-12 hours a day). I've removed all 6 T5 bulbs (3 white, 3 blue) and replaced with 3 T5 Blue LED replacements and 1 T5 White. The blues are the Arcadia 12W (39W replacement) bulbs, and I originally had the white also an Arcadia LED White (12W, 18000K), but it seemed too intense, so I swapped it with the T5. I have the timer set to 8 hours and I'd prefer to go all blues (if possible), but I don't want to negatively affect the corals if I take out the white. If the white is absolutely necessary, what about fitting another option on the tank on a different timer, and have it only run the whites in the morning (say 2 hours), then kick the blues on the rest of the day (8-10 hours)? I don't currently have fish and mostly have LPS's and soft corals (zoo's, GSP's, a hammer, a blasto, a toadstool, pipe organs, kenya trees, mushrooms, a cactus and a few "starter" monti caps). I don't have a PAR reader, so I'm considering adding membership so I can get on the list to borrow one here (if that's the best way of knowing I have the lighting dialed in).....thanks in advance for your advice!
  11. I'd rather not take up space in the main tank area if I can avoid it....any recommendations on a UV sterilizer that I can fit somewhere in the rear of the tank (I have some space where the old skimmer was, since i have a smaller Tunze 9004 in there now). I imagine I can put something in line with one of the return pumps as well. Only other option I can think if might be a completely external unit that I attach to the outside/back of the tank and run lines into it through the openings in the back of the hood. Anyone else figure this out, or just punt and put one of the submersibles in the main tank portion? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. I agree...It was great meeting with Hayes this weekend.....got some good advice (after a 20 year hiatus) on getting things running smoothly and some great deals on some frags as well!
  13. Is this a hang-on-back unit or does it need to be submerged? Also, does it have it's own pump, or does it need to connect to a separate one? thanks
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