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Trident Readings


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My Trident is still doing a great job after more than 2 years in service. I recently rebooted my tank for a sump replacement and slowly brought my alk up from 7 to 9 dKH. The Trident caught a couple of bumps along the way allowing me to quickly respond.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.19.56 PM.png


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Dear Bulk Reef Supply,  (aka Neptune Owner)

Can you *please* update Apex Fusion Software to enable 1-2 month long graphs, like the one above, instead of maxing at 1 week.   It's a pain to do it by hand.

Yours truly.

(Side note, it's a Pain to collect the data manually.  My Apex can only hold ~1months worth of data.  So I have to proactively pull/store the data every month, just in case I want to look at trends.  I've developed an Excel sheet, with macros, that helps greatly.  But there's still manual steps involved.)

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