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Quick question on stand size/support


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I'm in the process of my new SCA 90 gallon build (48lx18wx24h), and I've built my stand using the standard RocketEngineer design - I'm using 2x6s for the top frame, and I used 1/2" plywood on the top (i.e. not a bare frame).  Here's where I'm having second thoughts - I can't remember my exact logic at the time, but I built the stand an inch long as well as wide (49"x19").  So, the tank sits 1/2 inch "inset" from the outer edge of the 2x6.  Reality is that the tank is closer to "centered" on the frame.  I keep telling myself that this should not be a problem, but I guess I'm used to the tank always being on the outer edge of the raw frame. 

So my main question is, does anyone have any concerns with where exactly the tank sits on the frame as long as it's not over/under hanging?  


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11 minutes ago, obrien.david.j said:

ZERO concerns.  You're completely good.

Haha, thank you...not sure why I've been psyching myself out today - probably because I'm gonna start filling, and I don't want 90 gallons of saltwater on the floor (and a broken tank) :)

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