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  1. bump...still available. Trying to hold the Nero's - all else for $1,300 together.
  2. Bump - would still like to sell as package if possible - price drop to $1,500
  3. Livestock pending - will post individual prices once tank is empty.
  4. Sigh....Well, I've decided that I've gotten myself into a little bit more than I needed to when I upgraded to my 90 gallon tank. Other projects are taking up my free time and I feel as though the tank isn't getting the attention it deserves as a result. Check out some of my other posts on here to see some of my journey. Everything was bought starting last year but wasn't first set up until around July. Mixture of new and used (but in very good condition) items. As the case a lot of times, really hoping to sell complete set up - would only be willing to part out after tank/stand/livest
  5. Thanks for the input...the readings got a little closer when I replicated conditions as best I could for both - still not exactly the same though. I've heard of the bottled solutions not always being 100% accurate, so I agree that the homemade solution is probably the most reliable. Thanks @EMeyer for the good explanation re: why not to rely on RO water to calibrate.
  6. So, I've got a BRS refractometer, along with the BRS calibration solution, but I had a minor drop a while back, so I wanted to get another one (this time the Marine Depot version) to make sure all was good. I went ahead and got the Brightwell calibration solution along with it (I believe the BRS solution is made by Brightwell). When I calibrated the new refractometer with the new calibration fluid, it showed low as compared to the other solution. I checked with my calibrated BRS device and got the same result. In other words, it would seem that the two solutions were showing different read
  7. I've got two that you can have - problem is that I live in Tri-Cities. Will gladly send to you, just not sure how quickly you need them.
  8. For sale is the JBJ nano-glow refugium light in excellent condition (accidentally showed wrong power adapter in pic). This is the version with the magnet holder (vs. suction cup). $30, OBO. Located in Tri-Cities. Thanks.
  9. For sale is a Tunze 9004 protein skimmer in very good condition. Only selling because I upgraded tanks. One of the magnets starting acting weird (still holds, just seems like one end is "off"), and there is just some very faint scuffs on the front cover from where I was cleaning it. Excellent working order - used for about 7 months. Thinking $100 OBO - located in Tri-Cities.
  10. Well, that was more work than expected (been a while since I've broken down a tank), but so far all looks good! The peroxide really seems to have done the trick. There was some algae that didn't all get scrubbed off, but over the last day or so it has disintegrated...fingers crossed that I'll be able to keep it under control! After cleaning out the 40B, I think my main problem was that I wasn't getting as much nutrient export as I figured - I'm sure that was the root of my problems. Time will tell, thank you all for your advice and input!
  11. So I'm thinking a good plan of attack might be to give the rocks a good scrub first and then spritz on some peroxide with a spray bottle - you think 3-5 minutes would be long enough? I don't think I'd even need to rinse them before putting them in the new tank, but might not be a bad idea.
  12. See, I've thought about that, especially since I have real live rock as a starter in the 90, but here are my reservations: 1. Some corals/inverts (nem, clam, zoas) are attached the the current LR. I don't want to risk damaging them if I try to remove 2. I'm sure there's a lot of good critters/bacteria in the current LR; I hate to lose all of that 3. I'm concerned that even though I have LR in the 90, it won't be enough (50#) to support from a bio-filtration perspective. I'd like to end up with 100# + of LR I'm planning on upping my chaeto game, now that I will have
  13. Sorry, should have probably provided some additional context/backstory - here's how the saga started in the 40B: Current readings for nitrate/phosphate in the 40B are 16 and .13 ppm respectively (no ammonia). Main thing I've been trying lately is letting things settle in on their own while keeping up with water changes. Some things seem to be doing great (fish, crabs, nem, clam, mushroom), but the rics, snails, and some zoas haven't seemed very happy. Things haven't been going so well with the stonies, but I recognize that's most likely because there has been a lot of fluctuations an
  14. Well, things are starting to come together for my SCA 90 gal upgrade! Finished up the plumbing over the weekend, and moved the Gulf Live Rock over. I was planning on making the transfer from my 40B this weekend, but I want to make sure I've thought this through and avoid any disasters. Here's my plan and questions - I would greatly appreciate input and tips! - I don't really care about keeping any of the existing 40B tank water, I figure all of the bacteria I need will be in the rock/sand - I don't plan on transferring much of the sand from the existing tank (maybe a few scoop ful
  15. I wonder if there could be any type of chemical warfare going on? I feel like I had a similar situation a long tome ago, and the only thing we could ever figure out was that maybe some the neighboring softies were releasing irritating chemicals.
  16. You can raise the nitrate via chemical means, but I'm finding that it just takes time for things to balance out, especially if you started with dry rock?
  17. Wonder if the tank might be too "clean?" Any other changes recently that could affect water quality or any lighting changes? Tagging along, as I've been dealing with something similar with some of my rics.
  18. Haha, thank you...not sure why I've been psyching myself out today - probably because I'm gonna start filling, and I don't want 90 gallons of saltwater on the floor (and a broken tank)
  19. Picture for fun Note that the tank appears more "inset" than 1/2" because of the outer plywood skin and trim.
  20. I'm in the process of my new SCA 90 gallon build (48lx18wx24h), and I've built my stand using the standard RocketEngineer design - I'm using 2x6s for the top frame, and I used 1/2" plywood on the top (i.e. not a bare frame). Here's where I'm having second thoughts - I can't remember my exact logic at the time, but I built the stand an inch long as well as wide (49"x19"). So, the tank sits 1/2 inch "inset" from the outer edge of the 2x6. Reality is that the tank is closer to "centered" on the frame. I keep telling myself that this should not be a problem, but I guess I'm used to the tank al
  21. Update time! Looks like I've made it past the initial ammonia spike (lots of water changes), and I'm starting to see a lot more life coming out!
  22. The overnight shipping was $65. Not cheap, but worth it to me. Not sure if that is a "flat" fee or changes depending on weight (I ordered 50 lbs).
  23. Yeah, the only reason I found out about it is because I called after ordering just to get an idea of lead times for shipment. That's when Dan suggested it as an option. He can either ship Southwest or Delta freight (i.e. pick up at airport), but he said that Delta has been hit or miss recently due to Covid restrictions. He was able to get mine on Delta, so that saved me a trip to Spokane! So, if you do want to go that route I'd probably call to check with him first.
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