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  1. Always love floating canopies - really helps draw the focus to the tank. Looks great!
  2. Looks like they're having a blast! Those are some sweet pieces - where'd you pick those up?
  3. Great thoughts. I had ordered some Tropic Marin Elimi-Phos and dosed it for the first time tonight - tested before using the Hanna = .52, wanted to decrease it about .1 ppm at a time. Just tested = .38. I plan to dose tomorrow and the next day or until I get below .1...then I'll start to track and see how often I need to dose to keep down. Will continue all other maint. practices.
  4. That's good advice and thanks for the tips on the pH - I think I'd like to work on the phosphate first for now as I don't like how high it is.
  5. Everyone's doing great. Agree that chasing numbers can be dangerous - I more so started watching it once I started thinking that could be affecting phosphate. Totally agree, whatever I do I don't want to do anything too drastically - and I'd like to stay away from chemicals as much as possible.
  6. Thanks - I'll look into it. It very well could be human error 🙂, but I've tested multiple times and gotten similar results. I hadn't thought about potentially bad kits, so I suppose that is a possibility. Like I said, I tend to trust the Hanna - that number just seemed really high. May be time to go for an ICP test.
  7. Not sure the exact type of all, but looks like a mix of Fiji, Pukani, and some that kind of has a Tonga like texture? Also a little bit of what I would call "base" rock.
  8. Hi all, been tracking my parameters for a few weeks, and a few things have me stumped and could use some input on. Tank is a 40 breeder AIO with a Tunze skimmer - been running since June. Inhabitants include pair of clowns, orchid dottyback, pistol shrimp/goby combo, and cuc. Mixed reef. Levels from this morning: Salinity: 35ppt (refract) pH: 7.72 (Apex - calibrated two weeks ago) Ammonia: 0ppm (Red Sea) Nitrate: Around .1ppm (Red Sea) Phosphate: .48 (Hanna), .12 (Red Sea) Alk: 8.2dkh (Red Sea) Mag: 1200ppm (Red Sea) Calc: 440ppm (Red Sea) Q
  9. Look like happy clowns to me!
  10. I'm assuming they were acting fine when you picked them up? What are you using to test for salinity/ammonia? No chance they where they came from was running lower salinity?
  11. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/tunze-osmolator-universal-3155-auto-top-off.html A little pricier, but uses an optical sensor vs. float switch (has a float switch for emergency shut off). I think you can change it to "nano" mode as well. Been serving me well (I've also an AIO), just make sure it's not near real turbulent water or bubbles as that can impact the operation of the optical sensor.
  12. Looks like your cycle is coming along nicely!
  13. I guess hypo salinity isn't exactly the right term...more like lowered salinity.
  14. I picked up a really nice clam and RBTA from Aquatic Dreams in Spokane.
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